Thursday, February 26, 2015

Prison Stories and Clay figures

There are few things I would like to share with you :]

The first one is that I added new post about LBA: Prison stories.

The second one is new clay figure project: Hydralisk for StarCraft. It's still work in progress so it's not ideal but well I think it's already look cool.

The other one is that I finally finished painting Dino Fly :

Before painting

Painted version
I think it's look nicer this way :]


Saturday, February 21, 2015

Changes ...

Each day bring changes sometimes bigger sometimes smaller. Today bringing change that probably not a lot from you expected but well : after 4 years there will be no more posts about Little Big Adventure Remake development on this blog.

But don't worry about this :] I moving officially development news on new blog:
This is also day when I switch on using Coffe Monsters™ name for game production.

So probably you wonder what about this blog ? It will still exist, but it will change a little bit it content. From now on you will be able to find here:

  • Sharing knowledge about programming, 3D modeling, digital drawing.
  • Information about my personal works : modeling in clay, painting and other weird hobbies.
  • Some weird post about other things :]
I want believe that this is next step in developing Little Big Adventure which will result in better contact with all people who are interested in project.

Greg Wojciechowski

Monday, January 19, 2015

Progress page

Killah pointed out in comment of previous post nice thing:
"Why don't you post an map progress of the mod, like percentage of level done, animation, scripting, on what you need help etc"
So this state is already fixed. There is new page with progress of work. Right now I put there things I'm currently working on and I will update it with the future one when I will start them.

Full road map will need to wait a little bit more because right now preparing it would take me a little bit to much time but still I want to believe you will like this new idea from "Killah" (thanks for it).


Sunday, January 11, 2015

New year, new problems, new announcements.

Lets start with the best wishes for year 2015 :]

2014 Summary

I'm still alive still active and I will do short summary of previous year :

  • Looking back on all my posts in 2014 I need to say "I suck in writing posts" :| I didn't done too much of them. I will try to fix this this year :)
  • I failed to release the demo which I announced - Sorry here :/ "Mea culpa"
  • Company where I work: Ubisoft Montreal released Far Cry 4
In project itself changed a lot. Git statistics told me that I: 
  • Done 440 commits
    • Average in month:    40
    • Minimum in month:  11
    • Maximum in month: 83
  • Modified 247328 lines (without added/deleted files)
    • added:     137386 
    • removed: 109942
  • Modified 742856 lines (including added/deleted files)
    • added:     288150 
    • removed: 454706
This commits  included:
  • New UI system.
  • New resource system. 
  • Switching to component objects.
  • New serialization of data.
  • AI use nodes to define behaviors.
  • Partial port on Linux (I'm still working on it).
  • Switching on SDL 2.
  • And a lot smaller changes which I don't remember.
What this commits don't include are:
  • New GUI graphics.
  • Creating some development scripts.
  • Configuring continuous builds machine (I still working on this)
  • And probably few other things I don't remember.
New problems

This year didn't started too well for me. The 2nd January my hard drive broke. I needed to recreate whole working setup. If this wasn't enough my copy of data was on external HDD which after connecting ask me if I want to format it because file system is corrupted. So I had fun.

Finally after few days I was able to recover most of data from hard disk and repair file system from external one. I could finally work normally, but well few days lost. Good thing that I use this occasion to improving the way of configuring new computer for project.

New announcements

There will be few announcement this year. I know some of them already and some are still prepared but about them later. 

The fist one is with this year Little Big Adventure Remake will get new logo : 

And wit this I will finish this first 2015 post. To the next time.


Sunday, October 19, 2014

Funny bug

Well today I had funny bug debugging my code :

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Short story about donations.

I will create whole post which will answer one of comments:
" Hi Angelus, do you accept donations? I would be more than happy to help you remake LBA, and more if you can remake LBA2. Please share a Paypal account where to send you some money and, with some advertisment, we can get this to it's finish point."
No I don't. When I was starting this project I made decision that I won't take any money for it because I don't have the right to title.

I would be really more than happy to hear from Frédérick Raynal:

"Hey, Greg your work is awesome we would like you to do whole remake of Little Big Adventure".

It would change a lot in the way I deal with some stuff. But well I don't think this will happen. Original team doing the remake and I don't plan to interfere with this. They own the rights to title and it's world.

Right now I know that I have some delays with my initial plans I know that the project don't go as fast as you would like. Don't worry it don't go as quick as I would like also. It just that the quality of game changed in last 4 years really great. I started with this:

And after 4 years we have : 

And this is not the only thing that changed. When I was starting I was still in university I just start working at Techland an some people thought that I will never go so far and give up on project. Right now I already finished university, work for Ubisoft and there are still people that think that I will give up and never finish this. 

Well I cannot say that I don't have any doubts. You know for 4 years I spend enormous amount of time into this project, I developed really a lot of code, made a lot of content and I'm still pretty fara from success. If you combine this with my daily work then it's need really a lot of effort to find motivation to finish it.

But well there are occasional messages like this which give you strength for next long night of coding. And maybe something will change and this small project that I started 4 years ago will evolve into something great.


Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Sound of silence

Well silence came to my blog (Again :P).

Once again come to me that I complete forgot about posting some information how the development go on. Sorry for that but I spend as much time in development as I can (there is not to much time for it lately but well I managed to do some things). The final effect for it is that I forgot to post news.

But I need to thank in this place for support that you guys giving me even without any updates from my side. Thanks for that it mean really a lot for me.

So there were few changes:

  • There is happening big change in the way I handle resources. Right now I added functionality which prepare as much data as it can offline. Saying simpler : 
    • Quicker launching of game,
    • And a lot nice tricks and possibilities of extending to my collection. 
  • I started porting project to Linux (this is very early stage of this process) but in meantime of porting I do cleanup and extending capacity of system so it take a little bit more time.
  • I thinking also about increasing minimal requirement. There will be need graphics cards supporting at least OpenGL 3.1 because I would like support Uniform Buffer Object Extension which should give me some additional performance.
In meantime of course I do a lot of smaller changes which I will skip for you. But well I'm assure you that project is still going on and look a lot better with each next submit. 

That's why if everything will go fine I should have more news, movies, screenshots. But well there is still a lot of work in front of me. And I need to focus on them because my task is not easy but I try my best.


Sunday, June 8, 2014

A little delay

Like topic of post say there will be small delay with releasing of build. I initially planned to do it this weekend but well I didn't make it (in this moment I expect month to finish everything what I want ).

This post will be my summary what went wrong (-) and what went good (+) so it should be funny to read.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Far Cry 4

Like some of you noticed in my professional portfolio page for last 8 months I work for Ubisoft Montreal as Engine Programmer. Till now the project on which I work wasn't officially announced so I couldn't write about it. But with this day it changed :] Here I presents you :

P.S. I used also this occasion to do small update of my professional portfolio page.

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Component system

This time some more technical post about components system that I work on. So lets start from begin :)

Making decision about switching to components took me almost year. Seem like pretty long time to rethink everything. But not necessarily when you need to change big part of your code base. So I focused on finding all pros and cons behind new system. In meantime I had a lot of talks with programmers friends in Poland and here in Canada. Thanks to them I was able to create my own opinion and vision what I want to achieve with this new code.