Wednesday, December 28, 2011

W.U. 0x0B: game designer.

Wednesday came fast as always :] As I wrote I toke some break because everybody need some vacation so there is nothing interest to write about development progress. But I will try to recompense this with short text about about designing games. Of course everything in this text is my observation that came from my experience or talks with other people. So you may disagree with them.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

W.U. 0x0A

In this week I taken some kind of break :] you know Christmas coming so I has walking in shops to buy presents. The only things that I achieved in project is some changes in matrix because I done some stupid things there earlier. 

My free time I spend on finishing "Shadow Of Colossus" on PS3 and all parts of "The Blackwell" series on PC. I specially bought bundle in for it. When I saw the trailer for it I decided to bought bundle (I'm not interested in other games in it) but when I done it I only thought that "The Blackwell" could be good. 

On the end it happened that I began playing around 10 PM and ending the game around 2-3 AM. And so on 4 days in row :] And I never had regreted that I spend so much time on them they are great :] I can say that from now on I'm big fun of it and waiting for 5th part :] 

Returning to LBA project I think that I will take break in this week too :] and on end 

Merry Christmas. 

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

W.U. 0x09: few words about engine

This time I want to write my few thoughts about engine developing. I know that there 1000 of ways how to write engines and games. And I don't want to be like some master of programming because I know that I'm more like disciple or even worse :]

As you read in earlier posts my engine develop in weird way, because it begun as 2D engine and evolve in small 3D engine with small amount of features. I know that this could sound somehow weird but it's a truth: right now I don't have anything exceptional in it only basics elements. And I'm proud of this.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

W.U. 0x08

Like I wrote in last week I asked for permission to continue work on remake. I done it to don't have any problem with copyright, licensing and things like that in future when project will be in advanced state of production (almost finished one island that was planed).

And here came this day when I get replay message from Fred Raynal and waiting was worth it because I got official permission so I can at last return to doing things in normal way. Till now I was focusing on prison map and I was waiting with other locations on this message and here I recived it so :] only thing thing that left is returning to work :]

So to hear in next week :]

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

W.U 0x07

Yesterday I wrote about finishing LBA and beginning of other projects. And I didn't joke about it. I was always saying that I will finish first island with full plot but right now even that is not sure. Fred Raynal on forum wrote such a post: .

On Friday I wrote to him PM about approval for remake that I planed (one island) so it would be not any problem with this remake later. I understand their position as developer and thats why I asked directly. I still waiting for replay but I'm mentally prepare to closing project earlier than I planed.

Of course I don't plan to throw everything away, but only to shrink this remake to only prison and release it as some kind of lba fan-made demo. Bellow I put some progress from last two weeks :]

Tuesday, November 29, 2011


In last month I have very often pleasant to do some refactoring of some things that are in code but I didn't had earlier need to do in them anything. And like always I found comments and fragment of code from almost every project that I done in last 2-3 years on white rabbit engine, with names of the project in them i.e my gameplay class of lba had such a comment before it:

    @brief Gameplay module of tank

It's pretty funny how this small piece of code gives happiness when you remember how you work on this small projects. Maybe time to finish LBA and start something else  .... ups spoiler about tomorrow:]

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

W.U. 0x06

So next week came and I think about form of all next week updates. Right now I'm not sure are they interesting or even if anybody read them.

I know that everybody wait for next movies, screens and things like that but I think that too much of them would destroy all fun of waiting for next bigger update. So I would like to ask question: What form of week updates would be most interest for you?

After this short begin post will return to actual form. In this week came another Bundle this time The Humble Introversion Bundle. Of course I have it but it's hard for me to find time to play. I'm very busy with all works on L.B.A. This week task list extended by dozen of bugs and almost the same number disappeared from there, right now project return to state from before switch on deferred shading or is even further. There are some cool stuff but you need to wait for them some more.

After this all weeks next will be probably the same as this so bug fixing and adding new features to gameplay.

On and some another small digression from lba. YouTube is full of different movies but from some time I follow channel  Matt Chat. It's great show where you will see reviews of games and talk with creators of game we all knows and didn't heard of them i.e. Fallout, Dark Sige, Star control and many other. I very like this show so I share it with you because I think that time spent on its watching it is very good spent time .

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

W.U. 0x05 + L.B.A Remake: preview 9

And here come this day when I should as I wrote in last week update put new preview of lba remake. And of course I have :] it's below this post. I don't think that it's possible to visualize in movie all changes that happened from last preview but I done my best to put everything I have there. :)

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

W.U. 0x04 ++

And next week came. I think that if nothing change releasing in next week preview movie is realistic plan :]

So this week I started as planed on some lighter problems. But in the end I faced with many annoying situation and started to work on things that were problematic to fix. But most of them is behind me end now before me work on some gameplay elements. 

In next week as I said before I will post new preview. Plan is like this: 

Wednesday new movie will be put on You Tube and here on blog (where I will put some hi resolution screenshots too) and later on Saturday/Sunday as normal I will put this stuff on , and . 

This time I will not end this post like that :] Here is some small digression:

I often watch other indie projects and many of them look really great. You watch their screens/videos/demos an sometimes think:
  • What am I doing :| their project grow so much from last update. 
  • They project look 100 times greater then my.
  • This model is awesome I will never be able to do something like this. 
And many other things like that. 

I'm interest are you have sometimes thoughts like that? Or maybe this is only me :]


Wednesday, November 2, 2011

W.U. 0x03

I just wrote last week update and here come another :] , How this time passes quickly. 

This week I spend mostly on fixes in work from weeks before. I recovered almost all base functionality of game and editor. This wasn't easy but was worth it :] right now it's look like performance return on acceptable level, everything in code has more clear structure and it's easier to use.

What else ... hmm... right now I started to reexporting models to new format and step by step recovering locations. I thought about posting some screenshot's from how it look right now but after moment of thinking I decided to wait for about two weeks when everything will take some more interesting form. Maybe I will try make then some video how this everything looks in move.

On the end of course like always what I plan do to next wednesday. 
I think that on this week I will take something easier than before because I'm pretty tired after last two weeks. So I will probably step by step recover locations and gameplay so game started to look like game and not only presentation.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

W.U. 0x02

I think that this week I finished with good results. I done almost everything what I planned.

Materials are finished, geometry buffers upgraded and I think that everything going in good direction because I don't plan any bigger changes for engine in nearest time. I will only add elements that are necessarily to development of game of course there still left some things that I want to change in engine but they will need to wait to the final state of project or begining of other :]

So, what I plan on coming week?

I plan to spend some time on modeling and of course writing game and fixing errors that will show in meantime :] Bugs are always worth of removing.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

W.U. 0x01

This week is under sign of traveling and big changes in materials. In weekend I had visited Toruń and Bydgoszcz where I meet great people. Other days I spend on changing material system.

I try to do some cleanups and optimization: flattening the structure of inheriting, create separate configuration of material for shadow casting and some upgrade of managing material. In the same time I try to separate cg from material system. In the end I think that I opened Pandora Box and It will take some time before I close it again.

So plan on next week is to finish changes in material, some small changes in geometry buffers and recover everything (editor, tools, and game) so I could step by step return to working on game.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

W.U. 0x00

I will begin from today the series of post in which I will write what I had done in game in each week.

So short what changed in this week.:

This week is next long week with optimization. After switching on deferred shading my performance is lower then before. On my computer in work I still have over 120 fps but this is not the computer that is my target it is just too good. To show difference on my personal computer I have right now around 40 fps. 
To say sincerely I'm not satisfied with it. Of course I could always say I will do optimization on the end but I'm not follower of this idea. Waiting with big optimization till the last moment is the worst way of doing things. You have created assets, exported them to game, created game logic and almost everything is ready. But on the end you need to change them because you done changes in model format or engine interface to gain better performance.

Other things that I started to do are changes in models. Right now I'm doing last polish geometry of low poly model of tank and preparing male and female rabbibunnies wip model.

On the end some nice information: released Little big adventure in digital version.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

L.B.A. Remake is (un)dead.

This time I have some good and bad news, I will begin from good and bad I will left for the end, that way will be better.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Humble Frozen Synapse Bundle

And time came when another humble indie bundle show. This time Humble Frozen Synapse Bundle, have only one game but if you pay more then average then you will get Humble Frozenbyte Bundle. I personally didn't play in any of games in this pack because in this week I didn't had time. But for sure I will play in weekend :]

Sunday, September 11, 2011

LBA Remake update

This time some big update about LBA remake. Bellow you will find assets on which I worked when there were no posts :]  I think that you should like them too I spend long time to create them the way there are.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Legends of Grimrock

Today on IndeDB I found post about " Legends of Grimrock" and as in most case I don't write post about projects that I found on internet this time I will do exception because I think that this game is worth it :]

Sunday, August 14, 2011


This time I will talk about some tips about how to create assets to games. I will focus mostly on models and the way I done them.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Humble Indie Bundle #3 ..

For people that didn't buy or bought already HIB#3 right now have not 5 but 6 games in pack + bonus. For people that already bought HIB#3 on download page show link to 6th game. More info on:

Sunday, July 31, 2011


Few day ago I bought netbook with ATI Radeon graphic card. Before I always used cards from Nvidia and Intel. After day of installing tools to programming and profiling I ran for test L.B.A. Remake. And of course it didn't work. But after removing CUDA support that I needed to my thesis work, it started without problems.

But when app started i saw other problem: There were some weird stuff on my screen, they didn't look like they should. After two days of searching reason behind it I found that:

  • Nvidia allow more then it should. - I had invalid code (I probably write it very late in night because it was so stupid and when I saw it I thought how I could wrote it :] ). Code for each type of input to shaders (position, normals, texcoord0, ...) set glBufferData with size of all inputs and data set to NULL. On NVIDIA worked fine on ATI not.
  • NVIDIA and ATI have different bindings of Inputs - POSITION is always ATTR0 but other not. On end I decided on using in shaders defines with ATTRi that I bind for each type. I think that this will be safest and most efficient way.
  • Default value of input data -  if there is no binded input NVIDIA set input COLOR0 values on (1,1,1,1) but ATI use value (0,0,0,0).
There are probably other difference in them but right now I didn't found in working of program. If I find any then I share them.

On the end of work yesterday I was happy that I finally get hand on ATI card. Thanks to that I found some stupid code and for now I have hope that game will run on most of the graphics cards.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Why there is no next preview of LBA

I thought about adding new preview from around two weeks. I had very evil plan to create from it some kind of parody what I don't want to do. But I endure this thoughts and in final create it in somehow normal way. But get to the point.

What is happening ? Is project still exist is it grow ? And answers are yes and yes. Project is growing well but probably not the way that could be topic of full preview. Because how to show that I fixed system of object managing or extended mechanic of engine ? There is no way that I can do that.

Of course I could do like some other projects (how I hate post like that):

I could create on fast some sketch and put very detailed information what I will do in final release. I will write it but in some next post I probably would wrote other things about how this all would look. But who care ? I wrote my vision that changed in a  few weeks. But where project ?

I could make other movie about models I created but how long I can do that ? For each movie I should then create some good looking models which would take long time. Of course I could add post in each week: I created stone, I created sword, I created one pot. Of course all that without textures or in wip state from graphic program or put in editor from ready engine (i.e. UDK). You can find many post like that, I think that they are stupid. And when I see news like that I always close tab in my web browser or press button back.

In this place I will say that some groups do great thing publishing news where they show progress (not necessarily big i.e. Overgrowth or recruits in indiedb. I think that many groups should learn from them all.

And of course how could I forget to post that show the same scene as last 10 post but with minor changes. And say that the projects develops great (of course without showing any mechanics development).

I could do all that ore one of them but is boring to force myself to create something special for only such post. On the end I probably would change them to put in game or even recreate from scratches. I have of course some things that I could show but there would be no effect wow project grow in month. More then that it would be effect: again I show almost the same thing as last. And if you think about this as a few hours to put such a movie on you tube you will understand why I sometimes prefer to do something to game in this time.

On the end I will say that this post probably should have name: Which type of news in indie developing I hate the most or something like that. But I decided to connect it to previews topic because there weren't many post wrote about them from Preview 8.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Humble Indie Bundle #3

This time short post for people that didn't know (like I) that run 3rd edition of action Humble Indie Bundle. Where you can get 5 Indie titles and in the same time support some charity foundations. More info on:

How this all works: Part 3

This time some more details about architecture of engine. First thing that I need to mention W.R.E. is not engine for L.B.A. project, I create tools that will be use in next productions. Because of that I take some decision that make it's structure more complicated but in the same time more flexible.

In this moment W.R.E. is based on four modules:
But as you see there is five elements :] Why ? Exe is only wrapper to game dll and do nothing else so I don't count it as module. Ok, so from begin:

  • W.R.E. - Is main part of engine it's managing window, taking care of rendering, physic, sounds, file, materials and things like that. 
  • Game Engine - It's the frame of game. Contain all templates for objects i.e. Models, Characters, Action objects. Other important function of this module is editor functionality.
  • Editor GUI - It's interface of editor based on Qt. It's mostly call function that are inside Game Engine.
  • Game - This is DLL so it could be simple connected to exe and editor. It's contain all definition of objects specific for game. 
As you can see when I will decide to create next production I will only change Game part and everything else will still be compatible with it. And this is one of my biggest goal in this structure. To be able quick create other game without rewriting everything.

In this place I don't know what to write more. Maybe you have some interesting thoughts about this structure or have even better in yours engine/game. If so share it, I will be glad to read it.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

How all this works: Part 2

In last post I wrote about how all this started. In this post I try to focus more on games and way of work on them.

Lba is not my first game I played. But it have very special place in my memory. I tried to finish it at last twice. At first I think that I was to young to understand this game. But second time I was in haven when I played it. And from long ago I thought about remake, there was "Lba Remake" now is "Little Script Adventure" and there was and will be many other groups that try to create remake of this game. But I think that way of how they do it is somehow wrong. So I decided to create my own remake.

I started to write games more than 11 years ago. This is one of many projects that I was developing in this time. On begin everything look quiet simple: you have some libraries and game and this is enough. What you need else to write "Noughts and Crosses", "Tetris" or simply plane on scrolling map (from right to left). But as time pass the construction of your games must change. First game that was pretty serious was "Tony The Rat":

In this project I used text file to define map, simple animation system, some scripts like files to talk and  other weird things. I still like this project very much and I plan to return to this idea later.

It's fun to write about old projects but this is not a post about projects I made. So lets do small postmortem.

What went right:

  • Team, in which I worked had 2-3 people. And on end I finished on lead position.
  • Idea, I think that this was one of my first game that have some idea behind it and it was not to ambitious on begin.
  • Technology:
    • Animation system (based on body parts) with some simple editor.
    • Graphics, as you see it was pretty good (project begin in 10.2000).
    • In one version there was riding a car in city.
What went wrong:
  • Work, it is easy to create game on your own but when there is more than one person there shows problems. Because others don't always have time when you do. So you prefer than do something yourself and problems multiply that way.
  • Team separate and on end I ended working alone.
  • Growing ambitions, when you develop game you have big desire to change some elements on better. And if you don't know when to stop sometimes you end rewriting everything from begin which don't help at all.
  • Growing locations. This was other problem, I didn't had technology to support what I wanted to do, and when I projected game I always wanted more. Now I would create game that I could create on engine I had. 
  • Not enough time and strengths. This is one of problem about which you always need remember, but then I didn't. Game started to grown, my ambitions to, so I changed technology and started to rewriting everything. And on end I had less then on begin so my motivation was smaller. And on end I decided that I'm to stupid to create such a big game.
So as you can see this didn't were so simple as it's look. But after that I begun some work on simple engine on my own. But then one of my friends invite me to work on New Dawn:

 I will not write too much about this game. It was big production on some point there were around 15 people in team. And of course I ended as leader of programer. So what I learned from this project:

  • Big team == big problems. There is always problem with communication in big teams. Especial when you talk by internet and don't have money behind you .
  • Never work on unfinished engine where you don't have sources or any good documentation. This can kill your work in the end.
  • This is not job and you don't need to see it this way. People work when they have time, not when you want. Because of that you don't have to put big expectation about amount of work they do.
  • Don't be too ambitious because on end it's hard to finish all your plans.
  • In cases somebody don't show to much progress, do things you plan yourself. Because on end you can spend long time on waiting to finished work.
  • Start work with smaller projects to "unite" the team and learn some ways to speed up developing of project.
  • Using the SVN and bug report system like Mantis is great things. You can add to it some wiki like service with details about game, later you can quicker find things you need.
Later begin my 5 year long developing of actual engine W.R.E. In next post I will try to covers in details how changed structure of engine and it's tools. I will try to find some of old projects I done on engine and talk about them. 

If you want's to read about some part of all post or you just don't agree with me. Just write and I will try to write about them in more details or discuss your opinion.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

How this all works: Part 1

This post will be beginning of series of posts about how L.B.A. remake is made. So lets starts with first part where I will try to talk about development of technology I use.

Game is based on home made engine w.r.e. that use OpenGL as rendering environment. In this moment everything is controlled by shaders wrote in Cg. 

But not always was this way, I started to write this engine five years ago on begin of study. In that time this was a merely 2D isometric game written in pure SDL. It was written on one of subjects and when I think about this now, earlier I wrote 10x better games. But it's was finished and from this everything starts. 

Some time later after talk with friend which is very good graphic we decided to create 2D game. We based it on modified code of earlier production but this wasn't enough. Pure SDL is too slow so we switch to OpenGL. This was big step because engine from simply software 2D engine changed to fast 2D engine with support of some 3D objects.

But came another semester and so another subjects and on one of them I decided to create support of physics to engine. In this time came another changes, now engine support mostly 3D with bullet as physics engine. But this was only begin.

On one of later seminary I get some kick in my ass from (now my friend) Kornel. And I think it's a great thing to get something like that, because in this moment I started seriously think what I done so far. I had some skills, knowledge about graphic and programing but I was still 10 years behind this what is really happening in real game scene. So at last, I added shaders support. Writing which wasn't on begin so easy but somehow I learned how this all works.

If you ever study or will study in Wrocław on WPPT. You will learn one thing, knowing programming language is nothing special. This is only tool, what is really important are algorithms and maths behind them. If you know them and understand you can write them in any programing language. And so thinking that way I read about visualization algorithms and I came to one conclusion: they are all pretty easy. All this thanks to knowledge I gain on all kinds of subjects.

And In this moment came L.B.A. remake. Thanks this game I started do developed real tools. I wrote editor and many others things to make my life easier or maybe not :] 

And why I spend so much space to write this all. There is not to much about how I wrote L.B.A. Remake and I know about this very good. But there are things that are shown here. I don't do all things that you see in week or even month. It's take long time, many hard and frustrating moments when you think about throwing this all and start doing something else. I had moments like this and I will have them in future but they are need to do next steps and gain experience which help in future.

And on end of this part I will write my own thought about creating games:
Writing games is fun as you can see in all talk with developers, but not always. This is only part of truth, there is other part when you write or do some things which are simply boring but needed to develop of project. And one more thing you can never stop in developing your knowledge and not only about programming or computers. There is math, physics, and other things that can help you very much, in writing good games.

Friday, June 24, 2011

L.B.A Remake: preview 8

And time came when preview 8 is published.

After a little break from publishing previews, new video show changes that I done to Citadela Island. Almost all models in this location were changed, I decided on this design after experiments with different styles. I think that it's pretty good so I don't plan to make bigger changes in most of things that are inside this video.

In this moment from things connected to graphics I still fight with lighting parameters to create climat from orginal game, so this bright colors are only temporary. But I dont plan to do to much with this becasue probably everything change after I create render system with good support of shadows.

What can I say more, there are no bigger changes in game mechanics because in last few weeks I mostly concentrate on engine, tools development and of course fixing of bugs.

So then  like allways, have a nice watch :]

Friday, June 10, 2011

Game developers in Poland

Today I found interesting post on web page of Adama Sawickiwego :

It's pretty short but it's show everything about polish developers. We have very talented game programmers from Poland that work around the world. But we don't have enough of them. Most programmer that you meet on of web about gamedev work already in game industry or don't have experience that is need to do game on actual AAA level.

For some main problem in project development is that character head is to small or too big, or color of socks of main character is yellow not black. Which I think is stupid because in most situation the game looks like this: 2D character that sprite on screen have 64x64 pixels, moving in some work in progress environment (without any interaction). Of course to show this character they show 5x bigger picture and talk about it's look.

So I agree with this post and article that links are inside. Some people probably will not agree with this what I write but to me creating small 2D games with simple game mechanics will not make you become experienced programmer. This is only first step in long road. And I know what I'm saying because I develop games for more than 10 years now. And I recently started to see how much is changing in my skills and my way of thinking about developing games. But in the same time I see that it's long and not easy road before I will be able to say about myself that I'm some kind master of game developing.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

L.B.A. Remake preview 8 delayed again

This week there will be no presentation either. I decided that the changes that are made in visual side of game are too small. If I would show the actual state you would probably see almost the same scenery that you see last time (plus 5 models from which 3 are placeholder) so I think that don't have sens.

In last weeks I mostly focusing on learning to school and working. Things that I done in application and are connected to lba is optimalization of rendering. Now on my computer with GF210 I have around 200 FPS in prison location. And I think that I can get even better results :] other things that were developed are debugging and statistics tools. In normal circumstances I would do all that things later but right now I must do this to my thesis work which first version I must finish in next week. So I don't have too much free time to do other stuff.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

L.B.A Remake - developer diary 1

This time some words about why I decide to create lba remake game alone. Most people don't believe that this is possible because bigger group tried and failed in this. But reality is pretty different, in almost all groups that I was in my programmer career there was one problem the more people worked on project the progress goes slower and slower. The same things I heard from friends which participated in other groups.

When not commercial project is developed by 2-3 people then each of them create equal amount of content for it. But if there are 10 members in group. Then there is big probability that one maybe two persons create most of content and other members do nothing or do almost  nothing. This is sad reality of such projects. One reason is that groups looking for people that want to participate in developing. Very often they find people that want to create game but don't have enough experience or time.

So when I decided to create L.B.A. remake I wanted to avoid all mistakes from older projects and groups. It's just easier to me work alone when I developing tools and creating basic gameplay because this takes time. And it's not that I like to be outsider and do everything on my own. I'm very open on proposition from people that want to help and cooperate. But it's not that I looking for someone to help because this would be stupid thing to do.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

LBA Preview. 7

No więc jakoś udało mi się przeżyć te ostatnie tygodnie (sam nie wiem jeszcze jak). No ale było minęło nawet trochę ostatnimi dniami odpoczywałem więc i sił więcej będzie na kolejne tygodnie a one też się zbyt kolorowo nie zapowiadają.

Co do postępów prac to pewnie część osób myślała, że projekt umarł. Podejście takie w pewien sposób rozumie bo wiele jest takich projektów które właśnie w taki sposób znikają. Pojawia się post o chwilowym zawieszeniu prac i projekty znika na wieki w ciemnej otchłani internetu. No ale wbrew pozorom projekt ciągle się rozwija co zresztą możecie sami ocenić w już 7 odsłonie postępów prac. A ona właśnie ujrzała światło dzienne.

Niestety przez jakiś czas będę zmuszony przejść na co trzytygodniowy cykl publikowania "preview'ów".  Bo mam trochę innych spraw na głowie a ją mam niestety ciągle tylko jedną. Dobra nie przeciągam już dłużej :]

Miłego oglądania :]

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Gdzie się podział LBA: preview 7 ?

Tym razem post w dwóch wersjach językowych :]

No więc niestety z powodu nawału obowiązków w pracy i na uczelnie trochę nie wyrabiam ze wszystkim. Dlatego muszę na jakiś czas wstrzymać prace nad grą i skupić się bardziej nad rzeczami bezpośrednio powiązanymi z moją pracą magisterską. Dlatego kolejna odsłona postępów pojawi się najwcześniej za 2-3 tygodnie. Ale obiecuję, że czekanie się opłaci bo lista rzeczy które planuję wykonać do tej prezentacji jest całkiem długa :]

* * *

This time post in two language :]

Because of work with job and my study I don't have to much time to do other things. So I need temporary stop work on game and focus more on things directly connected with my thesis work. Because of that next show of project will be released in 2-3 weeks from today. But I guaranty that this waiting will be worth of it, because list of things that I plan to do for this preview is pretty long  :]

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Tworzenie gier part 1

No i kolejny post z ciągu "jak się obecnie tworzy gry". Od czasu do czasu zdarza mi się poprzeglądać co tam za gry są tworzone przez indie developerów. Od jakiegoś czasu śledzę projekt :
który wydaje mi się naprawdę solidną pozycją. Czy tak będzie czas pokaże. Trafiłem też na naprawdę fajną gierkę (polecam zagrać, jest darmowa):

Trafiają się też pozycje przeciętne i niestety trafiam też na pozycje które bym wolał zapomnieć. Gdyż próba zagrania w te gry potrafiła przyprawić o obłęd. Więc nic się tutaj nie zmienia tak jak niestety w sposobie pisania gier.

I tutaj  przejdę do sedna posta i rzeczy która mnie przeraża bardzo. Mam komputer stacjonarny może nie najnowszy ale fallout 3 spokojnie chodzi więc nie jest źle. Odpalam prostą grę indie i okazuje się, że ten komputer nie daje już rady. Gra działa na OpenGL wydajność 5 klatek góra :| Pierwsza myśl która się nasuwa "what the fu..". Ciekawość wygrała, odpalam gDEbuger aby zerknąć co się dzieje pod spodem i przerażenie zaczyna się malować na twarzy.

- Rysowanie przy pomocy glBegin/glEnd, 
- Listy wyświetlania 

- Ogromna ilość wywołań bardzo małych batch'y z geometrią,
- W połowie puste tekstury
- Z 20 tekstur poświęconych na animacje prawie niewidocznego elementu (aby było weselej są to 2 elementy które się obracają w przeciwnych kierunkach więc prosty vertex shader)

Więc wszystko to czego się robić nie powinno. No i naszła mnie pewna refleksja, że oglądając te gry na screenach lub filmach zawsze widziałem coś fajnego, szybko się rozwijającego, wiedziałem wiedzę twórcy i czasem nawet trochę dobitym się czułem. Bo moje projekty się tak nie rozwijają ale po tym co zobaczyłem, stwierdzam, że wolę być taką szarą myszą która po prostu robi swoje po swojemu. Bo solidność na początku popłaca sukcesem na końcu. I wydajnością większą niż tylko te 5 klatek :]

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Little Big Adventure: Preview 6

Tym razem wyszła trochę dłuższa prezentacja ale wydaje mi się, że nie powinno wam się nudzić oglądając ja :] więc nie będę już przeciągać oto pokaz nr. 6 :

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Little Big Adventure

No więc na koniec dnia mała aktualizacja projektu. Tym razem może trochę mniej zmian niż ostatnio ale poza graficzną stroną projektu zmieniło się bardzo wiele :] co dobrze wróży na przyszłość. Więc jak widać projekt ciągle się rozwija.

Trochę o tworzeniu gier

Ostatnimi czasy miałem okazję poprzeglądać trochę produkcji na i zauważam pewną tendencje. Większość produkcji korzysta z UDK i nie mówię tutaj o jakichś większych produkcjach ale często nawet małe gry z niego korzystają. I co w tym złego pewnie się zapytacie, silnik z górnej półki za darmo (do niekomercyjnych zastosowań) więc czemu nie skorzystać.

No więc przytoczę tutaj bardzo fajny post na blogu a mianowicie (Polecam przeczytać również komentarze). No ale do czego zmierzam post ten ma już blisko 4 lata a mentalność twórców gier ciągle się nie zmienia. Teraz do UDK ma dostęp każdy śmiertelnik i mam wrażenie, że duża część z tych śmiertelników uważa, że tworząc grę na tym silniku ich gra będzie lepsza, fajniejsza i uda im się ją na pewno zrobić.

Niestety rzeczywistość jest trochę inna ludzie którzy myślą, że silnik załatwi za nich tworzenie gry są w błędzie. Silnik to tylko narzędzie które można wykorzystać i stworzyć coś fajnego lub po prostu zmarnować jego potencjał. I tak się niestety dzieje najczęściej, że widzimy proste prezentacje na UDK które wykorzystują tylko w minimalny stopniu to co oferuje to narzędzie.

I przyznam szczerze, nowa prezentacja gry "Elpis Blender game" którą można zobaczyć powyżej wywarła na mnie dużo większe wrażenie niż większość produkcji indie które widziałem opartych na UDK. A oglądałem ich już trochę i nigdzie nie widziałem takiej różnorodności, tylu elementów rozgrywki. A jeśli ktoś powie mi, że jego gra na Unrealu wygląda lepiej (to z drobnymi wyjątkami) stwierdzę, że gdyby autor tej gry robił ją na udk to zapewne była by ona na poziomie którego nie powstydziło by się wiele profesjonalnych studiów developerskich. Bo ja sam nigdy bym się nie spodziewał, że w BGE można, aż tak wiele osiągnąć więc co dopiero jakby osoba taka pracowała na UDK.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

L.B.A Remake: preview 4

No więc nowy miesiąc i oto filmik pokazujący zmiany z ostatniego miesiąca, tym razem w zmieniło się dość znacznie zarządzanie geometrią. 

Wcześniej miałem sytuację gdy lokacja składała się z obiektów aktualnie przeszedłem na system grup. Lokacja jest grupą zawierającą obiekty oraz inne grupy. Dzięki czemu o wiele łatwiej będzie można później zarządzać np.budynkami. 

Kolejna duża zmiana to sterowanie w edytorze, przerobiłem przesuwanie obiektów gdyż stare było mało dokładne. Aktualnie wszystko śmiga jak należy. 

Doszło też wiele wstępnych modeli które mają stworzyć obraz jak będzie wyglądać rozmieszczenie obiektów na lokacji. Pojawiła się też bardzo prosta woda.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Trochę o tym co zrobiłem i co planuję.

No więc mija kolejny pracowity tydzień. Trochę czasu na wszystko brakuje no i dlatego trochę mniej jakichś bardziej widocznych zmian. A co się zmieniło: 

Doszły nowe animacje/czynności postaci. Dopracowałem trochę fizykę, oraz poczyniłem dość spore zmiany jeśli chodzi o wyświetlanie grafiki. Aktualnie pracuję nad uzyskaniem jak największą zgodność z nowym standardem OpenGL. Czyli mówiąc prosto pozbywam się całego forward renderingu.

Powoduje to wiele zmian, materiały stały się teraz podstawą funkcjonowania całego silnika. Musiałem przebudować system rysowania geometrii pomocniczej gdyż stary system dość mocno zamulał całość. Wizualizacje fizyki i obiektów śmigają teraz, aż miło :] 

No i co mnie jeszcze czeka: przebudowa fontów, wsparcie do dynamicznych obiektów np. systemów cząsteczkowych. Stworzenie jakiegoś sensowniejszego sposobu na wyświetlanie geometrii. Gdyż na chwilę obecną mam wrażenie że, posiadam jeszcze zbyt małą kontrolę nad tym wszystkim.

Czekają mnie też trochę mniej przyjemne rzeczy w stylu : skrypty i znalezienie pewnego uciążliwego błędu który zaczął mnie prześladować. A jest on kluczowy, gdyż uniemożliwia mi on realizacje projektu na pracę magisterską w oparciu o silnik.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

L.B.A Remake: preview 2

Święta, święta i po świętach zawitał już nawet nowy rok.

I tak wprzerwie świątecznej się: obijałem. Z gry powstało niewiele zmienił sie za to edytor. W ostatnim czasie wprowadziłem parę poprawek które od dawna chciałem wprowadzić. Pojawio się w końcu normalne dodawanie obiektów, teraz mam już podgląd gdzie mam wstawiać nowo dodany obiekt możliwe też jest anulowanie tej operacji. Zmienił się sposób obsługi fizyki dzięki czemu obiekty nie muszą już być tylko boksami. Ogólnie zmian jest dużo ale w praktyce wszystkich nie pamiętam.

Zmieniła się też lokacja na której grę testuję. Zaczyna ona przypominać coraz bardziej grę. Poniżej znajdziecie pokaz z nowej wersji gry. Mam nadzieję, że zmiany się spodobają :]