Saturday, May 28, 2011

L.B.A. Remake preview 8 delayed again

This week there will be no presentation either. I decided that the changes that are made in visual side of game are too small. If I would show the actual state you would probably see almost the same scenery that you see last time (plus 5 models from which 3 are placeholder) so I think that don't have sens.

In last weeks I mostly focusing on learning to school and working. Things that I done in application and are connected to lba is optimalization of rendering. Now on my computer with GF210 I have around 200 FPS in prison location. And I think that I can get even better results :] other things that were developed are debugging and statistics tools. In normal circumstances I would do all that things later but right now I must do this to my thesis work which first version I must finish in next week. So I don't have too much free time to do other stuff.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

L.B.A Remake - developer diary 1

This time some words about why I decide to create lba remake game alone. Most people don't believe that this is possible because bigger group tried and failed in this. But reality is pretty different, in almost all groups that I was in my programmer career there was one problem the more people worked on project the progress goes slower and slower. The same things I heard from friends which participated in other groups.

When not commercial project is developed by 2-3 people then each of them create equal amount of content for it. But if there are 10 members in group. Then there is big probability that one maybe two persons create most of content and other members do nothing or do almost  nothing. This is sad reality of such projects. One reason is that groups looking for people that want to participate in developing. Very often they find people that want to create game but don't have enough experience or time.

So when I decided to create L.B.A. remake I wanted to avoid all mistakes from older projects and groups. It's just easier to me work alone when I developing tools and creating basic gameplay because this takes time. And it's not that I like to be outsider and do everything on my own. I'm very open on proposition from people that want to help and cooperate. But it's not that I looking for someone to help because this would be stupid thing to do.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

LBA Preview. 7

No więc jakoś udało mi się przeżyć te ostatnie tygodnie (sam nie wiem jeszcze jak). No ale było minęło nawet trochę ostatnimi dniami odpoczywałem więc i sił więcej będzie na kolejne tygodnie a one też się zbyt kolorowo nie zapowiadają.

Co do postępów prac to pewnie część osób myślała, że projekt umarł. Podejście takie w pewien sposób rozumie bo wiele jest takich projektów które właśnie w taki sposób znikają. Pojawia się post o chwilowym zawieszeniu prac i projekty znika na wieki w ciemnej otchłani internetu. No ale wbrew pozorom projekt ciągle się rozwija co zresztą możecie sami ocenić w już 7 odsłonie postępów prac. A ona właśnie ujrzała światło dzienne.

Niestety przez jakiś czas będę zmuszony przejść na co trzytygodniowy cykl publikowania "preview'ów".  Bo mam trochę innych spraw na głowie a ją mam niestety ciągle tylko jedną. Dobra nie przeciągam już dłużej :]

Miłego oglądania :]