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Here you can find short list of games projects that I create or participated in.

Tony Szczurek (Tony The Rat) 

It was my second 3D game (first was tetris but I don't think that any copy survive to this day). Tony The Rat was a adventure game where the player became a private detective that get kidnapping case. He begin investigation and of course he happened to be involve in bigger case. 

In the latest version were implemented picking of items, shooting, some death animation, interaction with doors, dialogues and driving a car. Everything was as simple as can be but I'm still very proud of this game :] and think about reactivating project one day.

Technology use: C++, OpenGL

New Dawn

This game was something big for me:] It was first time when I work with bigger team and on not my engine. Most of the time when I participate in this project I was lead programmer. As you can see game look very nice and I think that most people that worked on project is still proud of the effects:]

The game was enormous big, open worlds, fight like fallout 1/2 or Baldur's Gate, complicated mechanics, many characters, big location that using screaming and many other things. 

Technology use: C++ / C#, Truevision3D (DirectX), OpenAL

Pirate Crystal's Adventure of Julia

First game created from begin to end of course not only by myself I was programmer and worked on game play design and mechanic. It was casual with two mode: painting mode and  match three plus one mini game where you travel between islands with your ship. Each island island was separate pack of levels some with special bricks (lava brick's were only on lava island). 

Game use early version of my White Rabbit Engine. In begin it start on software SDL but in finall version it used OpenGL. The thing that I will probably never forget from this project is painful bug with not working texturing on some intell graphics cards (I found fix for it after half year of development).

Technology use: C++ , C# for tools, White Rabbit Engine (OpenGL), OpenAL

Update: Last version of text contained phrase: "In the end we never publish this game." but it's changed in 02-05-2013 and so you can Download Pirate Crystal's for free. Right now English version was created by google translator but I hope that somewhere are people that will decide do help and do normal translation. Of course I'm open on discussion about adding some other language too.


Liris was story about man that searched revenge on person ho took everything from him. It was planned as small hack&slash game without very complicated mechanics. In the end group which was creating it disband.

Game was based on ogre engine and ended on early production stage. Everything what was done were good base for feature development. There were prototypes item usage, some armor system, basic fight, some enemy AI. So everything what game needed.

Technology use: C++, Ogre, OpenAL.

White Rabbit Engine 
White Rabbit Engine School Projects

Little Big Adventure Remake 

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  1. Angelus, pamiętam Tony'ego Szurka. Widzę, że masz już bogate doświadczenie. Gratuluję i życzę powodzenia!