L.B.A. Remake preview 8 delayed again

This week there will be no presentation either. I decided that the changes that are made in visual side of game are too small. If I would show the actual state you would probably see almost the same scenery that you see last time (plus 5 models from which 3 are placeholder) so I think that don't have sens.

In last weeks I mostly focusing on learning to school and working. Things that I done in application and are connected to lba is optimalization of rendering. Now on my computer with GF210 I have around 200 FPS in prison location. And I think that I can get even better results :] other things that were developed are debugging and statistics tools. In normal circumstances I would do all that things later but right now I must do this to my thesis work which first version I must finish in next week. So I don't have too much free time to do other stuff.


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