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Today I get really interesting comment to Preview 12 from Renkin Hayato. It so interesting that I will respond to it here.
"What do you think about make a team to construct the game? Remake a great game like LBA alone it's kinda suicide! There are very small details that you can forget and i know, do something like this is very wearing and take a lot of time. I hope the project goes forward, unlike other projects remake that were made just to make stupid videos ten thousand years ago!I'm waiting for that since 2009, and i nearly lost the hope of some news about LBA, that stoped to be mentioned at this time."
Question from begin I will leave on a little later :] But about rest you are right. I really know what it's mean to make some good remake it really isn't easy job. Sometimes I even fell little like masochist because my expectation about results are really high. It's event worse because I work in Professional Game Dev as programmer.

But this fact have also really positive aspects: knowledge of techniques, tools and trick that are really handy in development. That thanks to them project is so far in development but in the same time I know that it is on early stage. Why so? Because technology on which it is created still miss a lot to be fully usable.

Great example could be here this projects you mentioned or many indie games. Most people that know about gamedev know that it is easy to create some initial effects: rendering of models, some animations or base mechanics. At this point some people show really nice stuff with all this shaders, particles, models and things like that. But it's still not game it's only some presentation.

This project take different approach which isn't ease. There is created a lot of technology: editor, tools, plugins which are then use to create game. There is no so much pressure to make something to show i.e. in this months shaders were only changed when there was so bug in them (I use glsl and on some cards some construction works on other don't). But in the same time there was really a lot of changes that should influence performance and speed of development.

Right now there stand really big task in front of project : future development. It came to me when I gave access to code repository for one of my good friend. He wrote something like this: I knew that it was big project but never thought that it would be so huge. And it's not that I want do everything alone. Till now I had few proposition for cooperation on project. In most cases everything ended really quickly mostly because I'm looking for people that have skills or real desire to make this project. Of course I found some (or they found me) but it's not easy task. And I think that this is answer for your question.

And to be clear: This project is open on any kind of proposition of help. If your skill aren't enough I can help develop it with knowledge that I have. I have only one request: Think at last twice if you really want to do it because

  •  Time I will spend on all talks about cooperation I could spend on game development.
  •  Work with me can be sometimes hard because I want this project to be on high level.
  •  I sometimes may not have enough time (I'm busy man).

If you want to do it after reading this then ... wait at last the week. And if after this time you still have will to do it contact with me. I will welcome you in development team. If you don't think you have enough strength for this you still can help in a lot of different ways:

  •  Comment this project.
  •  Do some artworks or even concepts.
  •  Share information about this project.

Everything this really help me a lot. Thanks to them I found new strength to continue this project even if it is like Renkin Hayato named it: "kinda suicide".


  1. Hey Greg!

    In exception from developing some great tech and tools which takes time and patience, you should also mention that you are allowed to create only first playable level of the original game (i.e. original game rights owner permision to do so). Maybe if it would be just for the game itself it would be much faster to recreate it in one of available commercial engines, like Unity. But once again, as you told me several times, this project it not only about making the game, it's about gaining experiance and discovering and prototyping techniqes - like paralel rendering commands issuing etc. And that all takes a lot of time. Maybe you should concider releasing that first LBA level, driven by your engine and see how this works out. Please, do not waste all your efforts just to make tech better. I have a project myself that is @work for insanely loong time, and belive me after several years of polishing it i'am still not pleased with it at all. There is always room for improovement, which eventually makes your app frozen for eternity. Let it out and see what others think about it. Of course you have to be aware that peopole will judge your app by the game itself and not by tech that drives it. So be prepared for criticism - but for sure that kind of experiance is also very valuable, and sometimes even more than the one you gain during your development. Making software is not only about coding it, there is much more to it and releasing your app to the public is one of those things which is quite hard, scary but very informative and well worth it.

  2. Hey :]

    I'm really agree with you in most of the places and from some time is planned some kind of open beta with prison level (final version of remake will have fully playable first island). I also know that I could use ready tech and save a lot of time but I made decision that I will write my own and hold to this decision. Mostly because it's like you said place where I can experiments and learn.

    Only place that I cannot fully agree is this part about developing tech. I understand concept of frozen projects in which rewriting of code is done to polish it for eternity and I'm always really cautious to not fall in this trap. In meantime of development I resigned from a lot of different kinds of elements only because they don't need (even if it would be nice to have it).

    In the same time I done few steps like parallel rendering which I do a for fun. This topic interested me for some time but always put it away but at some point I came to conclusion: making of this project is not a job for me so I can do some things for pure fun. Other effect of this change was fact that I thanks right now normal work on my current computer (for some time I need to use netbook AspireOne 522) and have more flexibility way of work.

    And there left tools about which I always think this way: tools need to help developer create game in the way he want. And if I was stubborn I would write maps to remake in notepads because this is possible because game use XML to hold map right now. But it's not point. It would take a lot of time and wasn't fun for me. I decided on tools that will make development easier and be flexible enough to be used in this project and also in future projects that I plan to start after it.

    Summary is simple: To create good game you don't need great tech because even on UDK or Cryengine you can create games that are crappy like hell. But this tech can help you a lot in meantime of development : save time, nerves and make game development fun.


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