W.U. 0x21

On begin I wold like to thanks two people:

You Tube user rezoner1337 for publishing info about remake on wykop and gog.com forum user M2Grzegorczy for this topic.

It's really great to see that they shown such a initiative and to say truth the moment I saw this posts I couldn't believe. So what else left for me thanks you again.

Second thing is the problem I was pinpointed by few people: there is no easy way to communicate with me.

So I added email contact on blog because alexfont wrote that he couldn't found any. Maybe any of you have other proposition how to make contact with me easier?

And on end progress of game: this week I spend mostly on AI and removing sliding of player. I will not say to much here because I plan to show both things in next movie which will have this time music created specially for game by Jesse Gorter.

From more interesting changes is shown of discrete mode with animation and influence on gameplay. So everything is going in good direction :] I hope that in not so long I will be able to show almost  recreate original lba gameplay. So till next week.


  1. Thanks for the contact info. I won't abuse using it :)

  2. I wouldn't expect nothing less :P that's why I added it.


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