Return from overseas

Finally I have my stuff from Canada :] There is a lot of them but one of the important ones are my computers. Thanks to that I return to normal programming but well before that I needed to sync my projects.

There was a lot of changes in projects in last three months so I expected problems and well there were :)

  • First is my lack of normal internet connection :/ yep I still waiting for it. So right now I try to use hotspot option in android to be able exchange code between Linux laptop <-> PC.
  • Second was broken Windows build :/ I tried really hard to have working version of windows but without continuous compilation it's hard to switch systems all the time just to check if I didn't broke something. But well hour later the build worked.
  • Third were missing manifest generations (TBD) which allow me to hold plugins to editor in separate folder. Because of that I needed to do some changes manually.
  • My continuous compilation is still dead I need to recover it (I missing it).

There were also things that went well:
  • New project generator works great :D I needed to do some improvement which took like one minute. Right now I'm adding support to vs2013 and I'm really happy how easy it is.
  • Compilation time - better computer and I don't have time almost on anything between pressing compiling and starting tools.
  • After fixing compilation errors everything works again.
  • I started using sharing of keyboard and mouse (I using Synergy) and this allow me on quicker switching between systems :) 
So as you see I'm not laying around and doing nothing. Return of my hardware should be boost for me in development and allow me on quicker iteration time and there is a lot to do :/ But well, such a life.



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