Game developers in Poland

Today I found interesting post on web page of Adama Sawickiwego :

It's pretty short but it's show everything about polish developers. We have very talented game programmers from Poland that work around the world. But we don't have enough of them. Most programmer that you meet on of web about gamedev work already in game industry or don't have experience that is need to do game on actual AAA level.

For some main problem in project development is that character head is to small or too big, or color of socks of main character is yellow not black. Which I think is stupid because in most situation the game looks like this: 2D character that sprite on screen have 64x64 pixels, moving in some work in progress environment (without any interaction). Of course to show this character they show 5x bigger picture and talk about it's look.

So I agree with this post and article that links are inside. Some people probably will not agree with this what I write but to me creating small 2D games with simple game mechanics will not make you become experienced programmer. This is only first step in long road. And I know what I'm saying because I develop games for more than 10 years now. And I recently started to see how much is changing in my skills and my way of thinking about developing games. But in the same time I see that it's long and not easy road before I will be able to say about myself that I'm some kind master of game developing.


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