L.B.A. Remake is (un)dead.

This time I have some good and bad news, I will begin from good and bad I will left for the end, that way will be better.

When I didn't write any post I slept much ,right now I'm pretty tired and in some days after work I just go sleep. I don't know the source of this situation but probably it's time of year so in few weeks everything should return to normal.

When I don't sleep and I have strength then I write game. And here is the good information I done next step in project development, bellow you can find quick screens from actual look of game (I still use old assets). Right now I switched rendering on deferred shading, I'm still not happy with result but step by step I will polish it.

And here come bad information: all things will take little more time than I planed. Right now I spend long time on:

  • cleanups of old things, 
  • bug fixing after changes, 
  • polishing tools,
  • optimization,
  • changing of engine architecture.
Most controversial is probably last point but after switching on deferred rendering there are many changes that need to be done, many that should be done and even more that would be nice to have.

Of course I didn't do only graphics changes, one thing that you can see on screens is begin of the AI system, but there are many other small things that were created in meantime.

And of course project is not dead, I only don't post any updates because I thing that everything still look like early pre alpha. So I wait when I will have something realy good to show then I will post some news on other portals too. If you like to know some news you can check this blog or give some questions in coments I will be glad to answer them.


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