W.U. 0x26

And again I don't know how to begin this week update. I have few words and don't know how to continue so I will like always do it in some stupid way :]

I still spend most of my time working on movie system. There was a lot of changes from last post and my ToDo list have still few of them. But everything start to take shape and now I trying to do some simple in game cinematic. Of course in meantime there were some unexpected behavior of game :] from crashes to moving everything on scene but not object that I want to animate.

Movie system isn't only thing I done this week. Other things I worked on are:
 *  upgrades in objects managing
 *  cleanups in code to speed up compilation
 *  some developers tools to trace rendering
 *  adding some editor functions
 *  and of course fixes a lot of them.

So as you see project didn't die :] So till next week.


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