S2d return ...

Here come another info from progresses. I spend a little more time in this weeks on development. One of the reason is weather (it's really hot in Poland) second is that I played and finished new Tomb Raider. But don't worry everything is still going forward. 

And I still do some fixes and changes in technology. A lot of them is could be put in box with label "re-factoring of s2d". S2d was original name of my engine (there still could be find some places in code where I have it in comments)and I try to do some cleanup in code that was write around that time. It's not nice job but must be done earlier or later. I prefer do it now because I will not have to think about later.

Other thing is I returned to making some assets. Below you can find some early wip of new location. Right now it's mostly placeholders that I use to check size and feel of location.

So that's all for this post till the next one.


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