A little break

As title say a little brief what was happening in this last few weeks. First part was really nice I took two week of break for vacation and was traveling a lot. Thanks to that I meet interesting peoples and I believe that in future there will be a loot of occasion to meet again. Of course this was only begin because after that I started to finalizing some big changes that will happen for me in near future. I will write about them them at some other occasion.

After this short and boring part lets move on some more interesting topics: what changed  :] 


I started work on some few bigger elements. Not all of them were directly connected with game but I would call them "made for fun" i.e: 

LBA Remake on Oculus Rift
It was funny experience but in the same time it pushed my tech a little forward. Mostly because it need this specific way of rendering and also oculus is optional device of multiple purpose (it control parameters of 3D rendering and in the same time is some kind of controller). So multiple system needed to acquire data from it and because of that I needed to change a little bit architecture of engine. On end I get pretty clear and straightforward way of supporting such a devices. 

Of course on oculus rift my work didn't ended. I was doing a lot of cleanup in my old code. It wasn't easy to start this task but it was needed for future growth of project. So I done cleanup, moved everything on unified writing convention, added comments and descriptions how each of cleaned system work. Simple task but took me a lot of time.

When you do a lot of technical stuff you cannot forgot that you do game. Following this believe I added some new character movements. Some were nice and some were put away because I don't have any idea how to create them in the way they wouldn't look stupid i.e. animation after picking important item when twinsen waving his hand up and down. I will probably return to it on some point but if it won't look nice I will probably need to give up on implementing it.

On end I left standard element : bug tracking. In this occasion I done more gameplay test than normal and my list todo grown long in few hours. Some of points are already done but there is still a lot before me. 

Till the next post.


  1. there are lots of LBA fan models for free here : http://rmp.magicball.net/

    They'd need conversion and lowering of their resolution for sure, but it might help anyway.

  2. Hi, I know about this web page. It's really great source of references pictures from original game (they have really great number of screenshots) but their models aren't on too high level. That's why I don't use them.

    But good thing about this is that after finishing the remake I will probably upload all source models for not commercial usage (to i.e. Blend Swap) so they started live they own life.


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