New year coming ..

.. and so some news related to L.B.A. Remake and I think it's something good. This last few months were I would said pretty tough. A lot thing changed in this time I changed my job and with it place where I currently live but there are things that never change. One of them is my family other are friends and the last one is that I never stopped doing L. B. A. remake :] 

So once again : project is still alive. But this time I have some proof for that :] 

This may look not too much at first sight but truth is that behind a lot of things changed and changed on better. But better solutions came with price: doing them consumed more than two months of work. This is a lot of time at last for me.

But this time is behind me and from now one there should be only better. In the fact effects of the changes that I mention before are still visible and not everything work the way it should but each day stabilize everything and even make some things work a lot better.

So you are probably wondering what will happen next :] and here small announcement : I plan in next few months prepare playable version of game (You can call it like you want: prealpha or techdemo). It will contain only prison map and it purpose will be collecting support from people about game play, mechanics, stability and performance. Everybody will be able to help in future development of project because there will be open access to this version. 

For me it will be first really big test because I need to finish a lot of things and create some others that still don't exist. In the same time I know that the version of game will be far from finished but this release should help me in making it the way every L.B.A. fan want it to go.

So till next post.


  1. keep it up the good work :) one of my favorite game too

  2. LBA is arguably the best game created. A true remake of this game, therefore, would not be easy. Keep up the great work!


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