New year, new problems, new announcements.

Lets start with the best wishes for year 2015 :]

2014 Summary

I'm still alive still active and I will do short summary of previous year :

  • Looking back on all my posts in 2014 I need to say "I suck in writing posts" :| I didn't done too much of them. I will try to fix this this year :)
  • I failed to release the demo which I announced - Sorry here :/ "Mea culpa"
  • Company where I work: Ubisoft Montreal released Far Cry 4
In project itself changed a lot. Git statistics told me that I: 
  • Done 440 commits
    • Average in month:    40
    • Minimum in month:  11
    • Maximum in month: 83
  • Modified 247328 lines (without added/deleted files)
    • added:     137386 
    • removed: 109942
  • Modified 742856 lines (including added/deleted files)
    • added:     288150 
    • removed: 454706
This commits  included:
  • New UI system.
  • New resource system. 
  • Switching to component objects.
  • New serialization of data.
  • AI use nodes to define behaviors.
  • Partial port on Linux (I'm still working on it).
  • Switching on SDL 2.
  • And a lot smaller changes which I don't remember.
What this commits don't include are:
  • New GUI graphics.
  • Creating some development scripts.
  • Configuring continuous builds machine (I still working on this)
  • And probably few other things I don't remember.
New problems

This year didn't started too well for me. The 2nd January my hard drive broke. I needed to recreate whole working setup. If this wasn't enough my copy of data was on external HDD which after connecting ask me if I want to format it because file system is corrupted. So I had fun.

Finally after few days I was able to recover most of data from hard disk and repair file system from external one. I could finally work normally, but well few days lost. Good thing that I use this occasion to improving the way of configuring new computer for project.

New announcements

There will be few announcement this year. I know some of them already and some are still prepared but about them later. 

The fist one is with this year Little Big Adventure Remake will get new logo : 

And wit this I will finish this first 2015 post. To the next time.



  1. Why don't you post an map progress of the mod, like percentage of level done, animation, scripting, on what you need help etc

  2. Good idea I will try to prepare something like this :]


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