Postmortem - 7 hours of hell

If you remember my 7 hours of hell post  you probably wonder why postmortem.

To give you introduction to this you need to know that I recently done port to Visual Studio 2013 (I used vs2010 till now). This migration was planned for some time already. I even started it in the past. But never finished because rebuilding of external libraries was pain in the a.. . Now I fixed this issue by automated building script and without bigger problems I was able to compile everything with Microsoft compiler ver: 12.0.

If this was good idea I still don't know but for sure I know that I still fixing bugs and issues that shown in meantime. I don't mind it so much because some of stuff I do right now were also in plan for future.

Probably you are curious what my one button plugin postmortem have to do with this changes ? Answer is simple I miss my one button plugin in Visual Studio 2013 ;(

I tried to use plugin without any modification but it didn't work and for now I work without it. I need to say you really can get used to this small improvement in workflow and after time I almost sure that I will bring this feature back into vs2013. Even if this will cost me another 7 hours of work :D



  1. FYI, the link to the 7 hours of hell post doesn't work.
    The beginning shouldn't be there. :-)


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