Catching up

There is so much going on this year that I don’t have too much time to write posts. For this who don’t follow my other blog this is some summary of most important changes:
  • In February I started working for Unity Technologies.
  • Engine slowly transit to Physics Base Rendering (PBR).
  • I released new video with game progress.
  • Been at Unity HackWeek XII (I’m even on one of photos at blog, find me if you can :P)
  • Dropping kinematic character physics in game.

Now that I think about it each of this points could be separate post. But well there is no point in thinking about past and let’s focus on present and topics I work on in the same time:
  1. PBR transition.
  2. Physics changes.
  3. Game not working smooth.

PBR transition

This slow down a little bit because I try to read in free time recommended by friend moving frostbite to pbr. I start to see how much knowledge I missing to do it properly. There is all this sections about lights parameters that I never thought about, lenses configuration and so on.

Maybe you have some other good articles/presentations which explain this in details ? I personally missing some information how to put all this together :( there is so much sources explaining each step of pipeline but non really explain how to put all this together. If you have something like that I would love to hear about this :D

Summarizing: till I figure out all of this and finally define all masks I cannot really start work on game assets. So for now I don’t focusing on new content too much and adding mostly placeholder geometry

Physics changes

Changes in physics are always hard for me because I’m not feeling fully comfortable with whole code base. With each iteration I try to understand how things work internally but this is rather slow process. Problem is that most of stuff I do right now require this knowledge.

Currently my task is to switch from kinematic character physics to just RigidBody + Constraints. This is mostly because I noticed that I paying big price for supporting kinematic body (I spend a lot of time on it and also performance of it wasn’t good). So now I have already some work in progress of new system and slowly progress with more improvements.

Game not working smoothly

This is task I focusing the most and I found out already few different reasons behind it.
  • Wrong organized update loop.
  • Small issue with calculating elapsed time.
  • Issue with physics update.
All of them worked but there were this small issues which combining together gave this weird impression that game not running smoothly. Now I think everything look a lot better but I’m still investigating everything to achieve the best results.

So as you see I doing everything and nothing :/ This is frustrating because I would like to focus on game more but well slowly I will get there.  


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