Hobby or Work

Interesting topic for a post came recently to my mind when one of my friends commented on me taking a day off from work to relax as:
"Anyway, you will wake up that day and work."
This was, of course, comment on me developing LBA remake in my free time. What is interesting about it I'm not fully sure what to think about it. Because how what I doing in my free time is different than other people's hobbies? On another hand how it is different than what I do in a work?

What is a hobby?

All of this thinking brought me to this simple question on which I don't have really a definite answer. In the end, what is a hobby for one person can be a work for others. There is a lot of examples of that: 
riding a bike, skateboarding, painting, drawing, writing stories, creating graphics, woodworking, restoration of items, fixing electronics, traveling, singing, dancing and even stuff like cosplay. 

All of that and a lot more can be a hobby but at the same time, it can be a work. So where is the boundary that separates these two states of a mind? Let's select two of the examples and focus on them more. My not random choice will be woodworking and dancing


Woodworking can be not only a job but also a hobby, if you don't believe check youtube there is a lot of hobbyist youtube channels that do awesome stuff. Another personal example is my dad that also do it for fun in his free time. What is interesting about this example is the wording we use regards it:

"Woodworking skills"
"Working in wood"
"Working with wood"
"Tools for woodworking"
"Woodworking equipment"

All of them talking about working, skills, equipment, and tools. I don't want to enter here some specialized naming of techniques and tools but I think you see mine point.


Just like woodworking, we know dancing can be a hobby but at the same time it can be a work. That is why we have all these professional competitions, dancing schools and so on. Just like in the previous example let's find some wording that comes to my mind regards it: 

"Dancing skills."
"Dancing moves."  
"Dancing choreography."
"Dancing styles"

I had a really hard time to come with some examples here. I can write a lot about dancing about feeling regards it but not a lot of these short more technical sentences. So let's try some other example:


Not everybody travels as a hobby for a lot of people this is part of their work. Where they go to different places and meet people they need to meet for business reasons. Like in the previous two cases lets think about wording that comes to my mind:

"Travel destination"
"Traveling guide"
"Traveling equipment"
"Meeting new people"
"Seeing new places"

This was a lot easier than Dancing so the choice was right.


While writing these examples I found that I myself am very biased in regard to how I feel about them. Look that in case of woodworking I was from start pointing out that this can be a hobby while in the other two cases I was pointing opposite proving that they are not only a hobby.

Then came the wording and this proves the same thing. In the woodworking case, the first things that came to my mind contained "work", "tools", "skills", "equipment". Which is not so much truth in other examples. So even I am biased here. And I know that activities like woodworking can be a hobby.


With this, I can see how my friends seeing me, programming and developing a game in my free time as work and not a hobby. But it still hurts because for me I have a lot of fun doing it, learning new skills and seeing the result of my efforts (If you think that efforts sound weird here it is because I thought about using word "work" but I don't really want to use it here in this context).

If you think about it more as I struggle to convince others that what I do after work is a hobby there are also pepole that have a hard time convincing others that what they do is a work and not a hobby.

Now I'm curious if I overthinking stuff or not. What is your opinion about all of this? 


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