The Humble Indie Bundle #3

This time short post for people that didn't know (like I) that run 3rd edition of action Humble Indie Bundle. Where you can get 5 Indie titles and in the same time support some charity foundations. More info on:


  1. I already bought it and spread the word :). I really appreciate this bundle since they one. Its a very nice opportunity to support independent developers.

  2. Yes :] I think that bundle is a grate thing :] And games are great to, they look very nice on my steam :]

  3. Only tried Cogs and Crayon yet, and both looks great and addicted.

  4. I played in them to :] and + I played vvvvvv and it's simple but gameplay rules (it's addictive). Two next game I will try today (yesterday I slept all day after work :])

  5. I played 2 other games and only Hammerfight somehow is hard to play. Irritating me that I can't get the control of my ship and don't know why.

    About And Yet it moves. I played in demo/prototype of this game in past and it's still fun :]


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