W.U. 0x0B: game designer.

Wednesday came fast as always :] As I wrote I toke some break because everybody need some vacation so there is nothing interest to write about development progress. But I will try to recompense this with short text about about designing games. Of course everything in this text is my observation that came from my experience or talks with other people. So you may disagree with them.

From begin: I'm not work as designer I'm hired as programmer so on some things I may look in weird way. On other hand after work I don't know who I'm so my observation maybe are right. In my "career" I had some experience with people that say that they know how design good game or they have great idea for game. But from perspective of time I have big doubt if I would now believe such a words. Because how you can describe a good game? I don't know and you?

Ok, you can show me some titles and say: they are a good games. I can show you some titles too but our lists could be completely different. So games on my list are better than that on your list ? Or maybe vice versa ?

I know very philosophical talk but it's in my style :] Ok, but returning to topic I can say that I always try to create game that I think will be good. The game I would like to play. But on other hand for you this can be a crap because you don't like this kind of games. So, as I heard on presentation of "Can't Stop Games" when I will finish game I will not know if it's a good game or complete crap. Players will decide to which category put it and how rate it. If they decide it's good I will be happy in other case I will just begin other project with all this knowledge I gain after reading comments and reviews of earlier productions.

And I think that this is the most interesting observation: if you want be good designer whose productions have commercial success you should listen of people that will play in this game, they opinions and ideas. Of course you need to filter them because there is always much of stupid things that will never work in real game or is just not economic (creating them is not worth of work put in them). And on end very important thing select from all this stuff things that your team will like because the best games are this in which development team put their heart and all strengths because they to would like to play in such a game.


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