W.U. 0x0A

In this week I taken some kind of break :] you know Christmas coming so I has walking in shops to buy presents. The only things that I achieved in project is some changes in matrix because I done some stupid things there earlier. 

My free time I spend on finishing "Shadow Of Colossus" on PS3 and all parts of "The Blackwell" series on PC. I specially bought bundle in http://www.indieroyale.com/ for it. When I saw the trailer for it I decided to bought bundle (I'm not interested in other games in it) but when I done it I only thought that "The Blackwell" could be good. 

On the end it happened that I began playing around 10 PM and ending the game around 2-3 AM. And so on 4 days in row :] And I never had regreted that I spend so much time on them they are great :] I can say that from now on I'm big fun of it and waiting for 5th part :] 

Returning to LBA project I think that I will take break in this week too :] and on end 

Merry Christmas. 


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