W.U. 0x0C

This post is little late but yesterday after return from work I fell asleep and woke next day :]

This week I worked pretty hard on terrain system too at last recover Citadela Island exteriors. But of course it happened that I spend pretty much time on changing basic system of my engine code. You probably think why?

Right now I have nice material system that allow me to create materials in most cases without modifying source code. But of course I didn't predict writing it that I will want to create terrain edition. I know now it's look so simple but then I forgot to create:
  • system that allow to tell from code which texture should be use in material.
  • good support of exchanging consts between game and materials.
When I at last finished this changes there weren't enough time to finish other. So I ended on basic height edition and painting of terrain. I will tell more about implementation when I finish most of it because right now I'm not satisfy with it's implementation. It's just too slow and not to scalable. To give you glimpse how it's look now here are short specification:

  • there is one big heightmaps (128x128)
  • everything is rendered in one batch
  • there are 3 layers only (this I don't plan to change)
So, for today it's all. See you in next week. (this time as in most case in Wednesday).


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