W.U. 0x0E

I will begin from that I'm not sure if I'm happy or proud with this week changes. I know funny :] but it's true reason is simple I started working on content of Citadela Island and so happen to be that I found a bug and some things that were irritating because they slow down my work.

So of course with optimism I fixed bug and here everything begin, bug was in tool to export meshes from blender. So all assets went to reexport on which I spent one day. Happy that I almost finished I notice that sometimes some models were weird. So again I check code and found another bug :] and of course in the same tool. Everybody know what was next, of course next reexport.

Right now I almost finished it and started fixing this irritating things in my workflow. I use this opportunity to do some refactoring in code so it will take some time. On end I will share with you my thought after this week: It's funny like some ideas that looked so great at begun after some time of using are so hated :]


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