W.U. 0x17

So as I said some time ago I looking for people which will gain access to actual game with all its features and bugs :] This week I will look for one person but as it is in life nothing for free :] I looking for person that would like to take care of script and doing changes in original story (exactly the part that happening on first island).

Person that will take care of this will be added to credits as "writer" and will gain access to newest version of game. All willing to apply please send me message or do some comment bellow.

But returning to this week update :] I done many changes in game and engine. Right now I do some preparation to speed up the game. This is rather side task because my main task is to allow me to do effective GUI, decals (posters, papers, leafs on ground), particle system and probably many other things. It's funny but the changes needed to do that are pretty big so I don't sleep to much and working on it. Of course like in almost every week to game came another assets that you will be able to see in next movie. 

In this week I will probably don't do too much because to end of week I will be in Poznań where you will be able to meet me on this year Pyrkon. And I think that this is all for today see you :]


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