W.U. 0x23

This time small jump in numbers :] Last week in Sunday evening I remembered to write post but on end I was so tired that I went to sleep and forgot about it. So what happened in this time:

On my long list things to do there are some that I put away because I hadn't time on them. In the end I decided to do them earlier because this list grown a little to big. So I adding undo to all operation in editor , fix some things that don't work the way I want, finish unfinished features and remove some unused things.

Of course I didn't forgot about game I done big changes in physics most because I added weapons to enemies (handling bullets wasn't so easy as it look on begin). And a lot of small changes and fixes.

So to summary I took some little break on developing new things and focus mostly on this existed. And for some time I plan to stay in this state because without good basis I will not be able make good game.

So till next week.


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