Tough times ...

Really tough times came to project. To be precisely it's developed on really powerful netbook acer Aspire One 522. Right now I don't have access to my normal computer and this is only hardware that I have. But don't worry project didn't stop but only going a little slower. To show how much: on my PC project fully recompile in around 3 minutes on netbook the same thing take more than 20 minutes. The same problem is with loading of game which time also extended few times.

So it's not easy but I use this time to speed up everything so I could normal work. It's going really nicely:

  • Right now loading time decreased.
  • In the same time performance increased.
  • Everything mixed with stability changes which are done every time when there is occasion.
Only problem right now is that game is in a little stagnation but I believe that in few nearest weeks this state should change. 

I think that in next post I will return to multithreaded rendering topic. Right now system in engine is really stable and only things that left to do are some polishing of code. So I can finish this article as somebody who wrote fully working system.

So till next post.


  1. Hey Greg. Is it cold out there? ;)

    Seriously, can't wait for the next MT rendering article. It is really interesting. If it's possible you could make some charts showing how this system performes in contrast to traditional ST rendering you previously had. And maybe some kind of system architecture and data flow diagram (UML), to show what objects are involved and how the data is handled. Is it simillar to DX concept of having deffered and imidiate contexts? How do you manage thread safty? So many questions, can't help ;)

    Hope you're doing fine. Say hello to Sławek from everyone.

    1. Hi :) Greetings to the whole tech team. I miss you guys!

  2. Hi Łukasz:] No its really warm here. Most of the time I walk in t-shirt only sometime in blouse.

    Your comment show me some nice direction in which I can go with this post series. But next post will be probably only continuation of this earlier I will try to finish in it basic rendering concept. Thanks to this there will nice base to talk about synchronization problems and everything else what you mentioned.


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