Short story about donations.

I will create whole post which will answer one of comments:
" Hi Angelus, do you accept donations? I would be more than happy to help you remake LBA, and more if you can remake LBA2. Please share a Paypal account where to send you some money and, with some advertisment, we can get this to it's finish point."
No I don't. When I was starting this project I made decision that I won't take any money for it because I don't have the right to title.

I would be really more than happy to hear from Frédérick Raynal:

"Hey, Greg your work is awesome we would like you to do whole remake of Little Big Adventure".

It would change a lot in the way I deal with some stuff. But well I don't think this will happen. Original team doing the remake and I don't plan to interfere with this. They own the rights to title and it's world.

Right now I know that I have some delays with my initial plans I know that the project don't go as fast as you would like. Don't worry it don't go as quick as I would like also. It just that the quality of game changed in last 4 years really great. I started with this:

And after 4 years we have : 

And this is not the only thing that changed. When I was starting I was still in university I just start working at Techland an some people thought that I will never go so far and give up on project. Right now I already finished university, work for Ubisoft and there are still people that think that I will give up and never finish this. 

Well I cannot say that I don't have any doubts. You know for 4 years I spend enormous amount of time into this project, I developed really a lot of code, made a lot of content and I'm still pretty fara from success. If you combine this with my daily work then it's need really a lot of effort to find motivation to finish it.

But well there are occasional messages like this which give you strength for next long night of coding. And maybe something will change and this small project that I started 4 years ago will evolve into something great.



  1. I must say this looks amazing! I hope you can manage to motivate yourself the rest of the way. I am really looking forward to you work :-) I hope you have successful coding nights and wish you the best!

  2. Come on, you're doing it pretty nice. Just as me, I make music as a hobbie, and if I just compare my old songs with my new ones, I can tell you that the difference it's colosal, as your LBA remake.
    It could be really pleasant if you finish this project and let us have remembrance about that world that I loved when I was just 8 years old. You can do it!

    - Maou Ether

  3. You really don't understand jack. People donate to YOU as a PERSON for your WORK. it is NOT a donation for SPECIFIC project, it doesn't fall under infringing copyrights category because money going to you just because you exist, on jurisdictional level, not because you making specific project.


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