Sound of silence

Well silence came to my blog (Again :P).

Once again come to me that I complete forgot about posting some information how the development go on. Sorry for that but I spend as much time in development as I can (there is not to much time for it lately but well I managed to do some things). The final effect for it is that I forgot to post news.

But I need to thank in this place for support that you guys giving me even without any updates from my side. Thanks for that it mean really a lot for me.

So there were few changes:

  • There is happening big change in the way I handle resources. Right now I added functionality which prepare as much data as it can offline. Saying simpler : 
    • Quicker launching of game,
    • And a lot nice tricks and possibilities of extending to my collection. 
  • I started porting project to Linux (this is very early stage of this process) but in meantime of porting I do cleanup and extending capacity of system so it take a little bit more time.
  • I thinking also about increasing minimal requirement. There will be need graphics cards supporting at least OpenGL 3.1 because I would like support Uniform Buffer Object Extension which should give me some additional performance.
In meantime of course I do a lot of smaller changes which I will skip for you. But well I'm assure you that project is still going on and look a lot better with each next submit. 

That's why if everything will go fine I should have more news, movies, screenshots. But well there is still a lot of work in front of me. And I need to focus on them because my task is not easy but I try my best.



  1. Hi Angelus, do you accept donations? I would be more than happy to help you remake LBA, and more if you can remake LBA2. Please share a Paypal account where to send you some money and, with some advertisment, we can get this to it's finish point.


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