Scripting language in game ....

I know I know I stepping on thick Ice. Some people love scripting languages other hate and other don't care. Personally I still don't know to which group I belong.

I somehow understand all sides:

  • Scripting language:
    • [+] Have quick iteration time
    • [+] Non programmer can do some simple stuff
    • [+] It's easier than native code
    • [+] Separate game from engine
    • [-] Can be slow (most of the time is)
    • [-] Use garbage collector so it was more user friendly 
    • [-] Can be tricky to debug.
  • Native code:
    • [+] Can be really efficient
    • [+] Give you access to everything
    • [+] You have full control
    • [+/-] No garbage collector
    • [-] Can get easily messy
    • [-] Easy thing can take really a lot of time
    • [-] Slow iteration time
    • [-] You need really good programmers to utilize it
Because I'm not 100% sure about using scripting language in game I will try to create some add-on to engine so you could use scripts but you weren't forced to do this if you want. 

And here start my dilemma and request for advice: 

Which script language you would like to use create game and why ? 

There is big choice of them C#, Lua, Python, Java Script (This one I would like to avoid) or maybe something completely different? I will be happy to hear your opinions.



  1. I'd say either Mono(C#, and bunch of others), or maybe a visual scripting language. It kind of depends on who you want to target as the scripter. Programmers will rather use a text based scripting language, while designers seem to favor visual scripting languages.

    1. Yes but visual scripting language can be easily create on top of some text scripting language. So I want to start slowly so text one :]

      Your "a bunch of others" intrigue me so I read a little bit more about Mono. I thought earlier that: mono is open source C#. But right now I see I was mistaken and this is just virtual machine. I see I need to check a little bit more about it.

  2. Python. Mostly because of rapidly expanding community. Other then that: low barrier to entry, prerequisites formatting, strong meta programming capabilities, etc. Most of game engines support Python just for fun, I think, but those who do support only Python as for me are very flexible and fast in development. Big World Engine for instance.

    1. Ahh... Python ... Personally I really like it and use it for some tools. But I know there is a lot of people who hate it for indentations. What would you say about support of python from Mono level ? I know they use IronPython but this is still interesting option to be able to use C# and Python. I think this is possible to do but I would need to read a little bit more to be 100% sure.


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