Commit comments

Now that I thought about this is interesting topic:

How your comments for commits look like?

In my case you probably think that they are poor because I do project myself. But here I will surprise you (and myself to) because most of the time I do full summary what I done in given change list. So bellow you will find few of my comments from different commits across last 3 years (I use not modified git logs) :

* 13/11/2012

* 25/02/2013

* 30/12/2013

* 05/09/2014

* 21/09/2015

I really like my current form because its simple and easy to understand. Especially with my tendency to submit multi issue change lists. I need to do something about this because this may save me a lot of troubles later. But sometimes you just starting one thing which require something else and before you notice you have overlapping changes. 

What is yours format of check-in comments. ?



  1. Similar to your last one, I tend to use lists to clearly explain each change.
    On my personal projects I have the bad habit of "forgetting" to check in for a while, and then check in a bunch of unrelated changes all at once. I'll have to be careful about that if a personal project ever becomes something I want to release...

    1. I do sometimes exactly the same thing. This is really bad habit especially when you started something different and want roll back your changes (Were there, done that, paid the price) :D Right now my build system helps me a to remember to submit changes. But still sometimes I still forgot.


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