Weird thoughts

Let's start this from some thoughts about who I'm (yes I will be talking about myself).
I'm not seeing myself as somebody really intelligent I would say that I'm event think that I'm stupid. Funny thing is that with time I see that even then I'm more intelligent than a lot of people :|
Question is where this bring us and why I'm in such a position? I thought about this and my answer is: "learning". 

I like to learn new stuff, discover things that I didn't know about. This is for me something incredible and in current time we can do this really simple. Sadly because of that I see how small my knowledge is and how big the sea of possibilities is. There is always ways to growth. 

On other hands we have people who don't really want to learn. They do it only when they are forced by situation. They think that what they know is enough.

I don't know which way of thinking is good or right. The thing that I know is the fact: I don't want to stop learning. I'm where I'm because of things I done right and also all my mistakes. Thanks to all of them I'm different person today than I was yesterday and tomorrow I will be different person too.



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