Lba Remake

Little Big Adventure Remake

From the moment I first played Little Big Adventure I became big fan of this game. I love it both part because they are just awesome I remember to this day that felling when I spend all day to finish it and joy that it gave. So around two years ago I decided to make it's remake (then there wasn't any information about official remake). First attempt weren't to pretty but I was proud of them anyway.

My goal in this project were never money and I never claimed that I have any rights to characters, gameplay, universe or anything like that. I really respect rights of original authors and owners of franchise that's why my remake from the beginning was planned as partial remake (fully playable first island). Some time after I began development show info about release LBA 1/2 on and information about making official remake.

So I wrote to Frédérick Raynal for approve of this remake in this partial form. In meantime of waiting for answer I stopped development, after some time came answer :

" Don't worry you can continue your work. "

As you can see I never plan to compete with official remake. Game will be released as freeware and I do it just for my fun.

Am I creating game alone ?
All programming, scripting, modeling, texturing , making  sounds and few other things I do myself. Right now I cooperate with music that will make soundtrack to game (you will hear his creation starting from next movie) and seven testers that help me with tracking bugs.

Why I don't gave access to game it will be freeware anyway ?
Because right now game is in prealpha stage. I develop game on my own technology so it's take time to add all needed features to finish game and it would be problematic for me to support bigger group of people (I develop game myself and have limited time that I prefer use on development).I plan after some time to do open beta where everybody will be able to test game.

What technology I use?
Game use my White Rabbit Engine that is developed on Windows (I have in plans ports to Linux and Mac). It is based on SDL, OpenGL, Bullet, Lua, Recast and OpenAL. In meantime of development I changed rendering method I started using forward rendering but after some time I switched on deferred shading.

What tools I use to create game ?
I use my engine editor to create maps, Blender for modeling, MyPaint for sketches, Gimp for textures and arts, Audacity for creating sounds.

Will I share editor with game ?
I think about it but I still didn't decided.


  1. great work, keep on it. greetings from argentina

  2. You're just too amazing ! Your work is really great, and I can't wait more to see the result !..
    Greetings from France !

  3. This game was my childhood, you're doing amazing stuff. Thanks for doing this, can't wait to see it finished!

    Greetings from England!

  4. Just curious is this remake still going on? LBA on Humble Bundle this week!

    1. Yes it's still going on and it's still alive. You can check progress on :

      I created this page 4 days ago after advice from Killah in one of comments. You can see there what is happening currently in details.

      Well I got this bundle few minutes ago, but LBA on android I had the second day after it's first release :]

    2. I'd love to check the progress of the remake, but the link you posted goes to the message "Sorry, the page you were looking for in this blog does not exist."
      Lots of LBA fans will be very thankul to you if you get to show us more!
      Thanks in advance for your awesome work. Keep it going!

    3. Sorry recently I switched with LBA development news to new website: This blog I use for programming generally, sculptures, art and few other things. Updated link to project progress is:

      About updates they will be coming soon :] yesterday I finally finished big editor change. There left only moving animation to resource which I need to finish and then the fun times with game will start again :]