Pirate Crystal's released

I contacted with people from Pirate Cristal's team (with this that I had contact to) and after talk we decided to release game. I'm not 100% sure if this is the final version but it's only I have on my disk so there is no big choice. I think that game is pretty polished but there is small exception:

English translation is done today thanks to google translator. I didn't even read them only do them quick and recover installer script (it's still taken me few hours). So text in English version can be weird and to tell truth I'm not feel enough confident in my linguistic skills to do it correct. So if anybody want help and do some normal translation PL->EN or do correction of English version I'm open on proposition and can help with explanation how to do it.

So after this short explanation I present you: Pirate Cristal's Download


  1. Nice look it have. I will test the game when I get back to a PC :)


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