Progress update

This time still without any movie but not without anything :] In this moment I spend a lot of time on development so sorry for this long silence. So short what is happened with game in this long time:
  • Animation system changed so it's use was a lot easier in use and effects were better. So moment of playing sounds of steps, action on hits and shooting is a lot better synchronized with animations. 
  • Done support of 3D sounds so everything started to live.
  • Added multiple lights support.
  • Nice water effect.
  • Worked on AI for enemies and they behaviors.
  • Falling from heights have nice effects.
  • Game support multiple CPU (Moved on multithreaded code).
  • A lot of fixes so everything was stable and work nice.

Thanks to GIT history I can say that from last post about development in 29 november 2012 I done:
  • Uploaded 144 revision with only code (I often upload change list with multiple things in them).
  • Modified 7577 files.
  • Changed 121890 lines (without files I added and removed with them 820442 lines)
So as you can see I done a lot. Of course not everything is done directly in game a lot changed in technology on which it's created :

I know that for some people developing of own technology is not the best way of do things. For me it's big playground (seriously right now it's really big) where I can do what I want and how I want. So resuming I still don't know if decision of creating own technology was correct but I know that I won't regret it because I learn a lot making it and I will learn a lot in future development.

I will try to upload a lot more stuff so there was no more such a long break in posts.


  1. Amazing as always. Great piece of engine your creating here. Good to see your attitude about the whole thing, you are for sure learning a lot from it.

    Also have in mind that this work have a lot of potential to be sell as a game engine. There are a lot of engines out there with less to offer and less potential than your work and they are succeeding. This is also an amazing portfolio that you can showoff if you want to enter the industry.

  2. Thanks I try to do this small piece of technology the best way I can. But still there is a long road before it will be fully usable.

    About entering to industry I invite you to and see where I work in this moment :]


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