Story about cold coffee ...

Another week of hard work behind me. As you can seem, there are done some changes in blog and a lot of others changes planned. Of course I didn't forgot about development of game. Right now I thinking about direction that I should choose. It's important moment because it will decide about next few months. So I decide to mostly focus on bug fixing and finishing topics that are on my "to do" lists that lie next to my cold coffee.

And it's pretty funny to look at it :] not only because there is a lot of finished tasks. But because it's story about how I create my game. Some pages have some coffee mark because I sometimes put my cup on it. On others you can find some quick notes, calculations and weird pictures that describe ideas that came to me in meantime of doing somethings. As you can see some my notes are maybe a little chaotic but this just like myself and that's why I like them so much.

Till next week.


  1. At least you take notes and make usage out of it, which its pretty good. Even if that notes seams to be disorganized, we can see with our eyes the importance of it.

    Btw, nice blog layout.


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