Preview 13

After so long time here it come LBA preview 13. So as you can see I try very hard to keep my promise about more frequently updates. But what Is going on:

LBA was added to "indie crashe" so if you want this project to get more attention please vote on it here:     
There is not too much time but I gotten info that LBA remake participating there very late.

In game itself I do a lot of work on AI behaviors and try create this fully playable prison with all the details and events. There is still a lot to do but it's worth it mostly because I think about releasing something like "alpha techdemo" where you will be able to play this first location and give me some feedback what could be done better or what will not work.

Other thing that I done this week were work on my pipeline to create assets. I done a lot of improvement in this mater one of it was plugin "verbose" mode other tweaks to exporter so time to create and export mesh to game was as short as possible. And of course there was a lot of small fixes and changes in editor so everything was even more intuitive and stable.

And that's all in this week, have a nice watching and till next week.


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