W.U. 0x03

I just wrote last week update and here come another :] , How this time passes quickly. 

This week I spend mostly on fixes in work from weeks before. I recovered almost all base functionality of game and editor. This wasn't easy but was worth it :] right now it's look like performance return on acceptable level, everything in code has more clear structure and it's easier to use.

What else ... hmm... right now I started to reexporting models to new format and step by step recovering locations. I thought about posting some screenshot's from how it look right now but after moment of thinking I decided to wait for about two weeks when everything will take some more interesting form. Maybe I will try make then some video how this everything looks in move.

On the end of course like always what I plan do to next wednesday. 
I think that on this week I will take something easier than before because I'm pretty tired after last two weeks. So I will probably step by step recover locations and gameplay so game started to look like game and not only presentation.


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