W.U 0x07

Yesterday I wrote about finishing LBA and beginning of other projects. And I didn't joke about it. I was always saying that I will finish first island with full plot but right now even that is not sure. Fred Raynal on magicball.net forum wrote such a post: http://forum.magicball.net/showpost.php?p=410775&postcount=14 .

On Friday I wrote to him PM about approval for remake that I planed (one island) so it would be not any problem with this remake later. I understand their position as developer and thats why I asked directly. I still waiting for replay but I'm mentally prepare to closing project earlier than I planed.

Of course I don't plan to throw everything away, but only to shrink this remake to only prison and release it as some kind of lba fan-made demo. Bellow I put some progress from last two weeks :]


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