W.U. 0x05 + L.B.A Remake: preview 9

And here come this day when I should as I wrote in last week update put new preview of lba remake. And of course I have :] it's below this post. I don't think that it's possible to visualize in movie all changes that happened from last preview but I done my best to put everything I have there. :)

And of course this is real life and I didn't finish everything I planned. There are still some things that are in development and I don't want to show them halfway begin. This week was pretty hard on me because in almost all days I was split on modeling, animating and programming.

I prefers when in one day I focus mostly on one thing. Of course there are days when I do all but it's occasionally not all week.

In this week I will try to finish all things that I begun in this and didn't finished. I have too some annoying bugs to find and fix. And of course in weekend I will put all that things you can find bellow on other portals :]


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