W.U. 0x06

So next week came and I think about form of all next week updates. Right now I'm not sure are they interesting or even if anybody read them.

I know that everybody wait for next movies, screens and things like that but I think that too much of them would destroy all fun of waiting for next bigger update. So I would like to ask question: What form of week updates would be most interest for you?

After this short begin post will return to actual form. In this week came another Bundle this time The Humble Introversion Bundle. Of course I have it but it's hard for me to find time to play. I'm very busy with all works on L.B.A. This week task list extended by dozen of bugs and almost the same number disappeared from there, right now project return to state from before switch on deferred shading or is even further. There are some cool stuff but you need to wait for them some more.

After this all weeks next will be probably the same as this so bug fixing and adding new features to gameplay.

On and some another small digression from lba. YouTube is full of different movies but from some time I follow channel  Matt Chat. It's great show where you will see reviews of games and talk with creators of game we all knows and didn't heard of them i.e. Fallout, Dark Sige, Star control and many other. I very like this show so I share it with you because I think that time spent on its watching it is very good spent time .


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