W.U. 0x04 ++

And next week came. I think that if nothing change releasing in next week preview movie is realistic plan :]

So this week I started as planed on some lighter problems. But in the end I faced with many annoying situation and started to work on things that were problematic to fix. But most of them is behind me end now before me work on some gameplay elements. 

In next week as I said before I will post new preview. Plan is like this: 

Wednesday new movie will be put on You Tube and here on blog (where I will put some hi resolution screenshots too) and later on Saturday/Sunday as normal I will put this stuff on http://www.indiedb.com/ , http://warsztat.gd and http://forum.magicball.net/ . 

This time I will not end this post like that :] Here is some small digression:

I often watch other indie projects and many of them look really great. You watch their screens/videos/demos an sometimes think:
  • What am I doing :| their project grow so much from last update. 
  • They project look 100 times greater then my.
  • This model is awesome I will never be able to do something like this. 
And many other things like that. 

I'm interest are you have sometimes thoughts like that? Or maybe this is only me :]



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