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W.U 0x07

Yesterday I wrote about finishing LBA and beginning of other projects. And I didn't joke about it. I was always saying that I will finish first island with full plot but right now even that is not sure. Fred Raynal on forum wrote such a post: . On Friday I wrote to him PM about approval for remake that I planed (one island) so it would be not any problem with this remake later. I understand their position as developer and thats why I asked directly. I still waiting for replay but I'm mentally prepare to closing project earlier than I planed. Of course I don't plan to throw everything away, but only to shrink this remake to only prison and release it as some kind of lba fan-made demo. Bellow I put some progress from last two weeks :]


In last month I have very often pleasant to do some refactoring of some things that are in code but I didn't had earlier need to do in them anything. And like always I found comments and fragment of code from almost every project that I done in last 2-3 years on white rabbit engine, with names of the project in them i.e my gameplay class of lba had such a comment before it:  /**     @brief Gameplay module of tank  */  It's pretty funny how this small piece of code gives happiness when you remember how you work on this small projects. Maybe time to finish LBA and start something else  .... ups spoiler about tomorrow:]

W.U. 0x06

So next week came and I think about form of all next week updates. Right now I'm not sure are they interesting or even if anybody read them. I know that everybody wait for next movies, screens and things like that but I think that too much of them would destroy all fun of waiting for next bigger update. So I would like to ask question: What form of week updates would be most interest for you? After this short begin post will return to actual form. In this week came another Bundle this time  The Humble Introversion Bundle . Of course I have it but it's hard for me to find time to play. I'm very busy with all works on L.B.A. This week task list extended by dozen of bugs and almost the same number disappeared from there, right now project return to state from before switch on deferred shading or is even further. There are some cool stuff but you need to wait for them some more. After this all weeks next will be probably the same as this so bug fixing and adding new featu

W.U. 0x05 + L.B.A Remake: preview 9

And here come this day when I should as I wrote in last week update put new preview of lba remake. And of course I have :] it's below this post. I don't think that it's possible to visualize in movie all changes that happened from last preview but I done my best to put everything I have there. :)

W.U. 0x04 ++

And next week came. I think that if nothing change releasing in next week preview movie is realistic plan :] So this week I started as planed on some lighter problems. But in the end I faced with many annoying situation and started to work on things that were problematic to fix. But most of them is behind me end now before me work on some gameplay elements.  In next week as I said before I will post new preview. Plan is like this:  Wednesday new movie will be put on You Tube and here on blog (where I will put some hi resolution screenshots too) and later on Saturday/Sunday as normal I will put this stuff on , and .  This time I will not end this post like that :] Here is some small digression: I often watch other indie projects and many of them look really great. You watch their screens/videos/demos an sometimes think: What am I doing :| their project grow so much from last update.  They p

W.U. 0x03

I just wrote last week update and here come another :] , How this time passes quickly.  This week I spend mostly on fixes in work from weeks before. I recovered almost all base functionality of game and editor. This wasn't easy but was worth it :] right now it's look like performance return on acceptable level, everything in code has more clear structure and it's easier to use. What else ... hmm... right now I started to reexporting models to new format and step by step recovering locations. I thought about posting some screenshot's from how it look right now but after moment of thinking I decided to wait for about two weeks when everything will take some more interesting form. Maybe I will try make then some video how this everything looks in move. On the end of course like always what I plan do to next wednesday.  I think that on this week I will take something easier than before because I'm pretty tired after last two weeks. So I will probably st