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Game development

This time something inspired by this twit: I guess this illustrates a serious problem with how gamers see game development effort :/ #NoMansSky #gamedev — Kornel Kisielewicz (@epyoncf) August 14, 2016 If you look really general on game development you can compare it to assembling puzzles. A lot of people know about game development from articles, making of videos and few other sources. They also know that there are different options that developer choose when they started: 5000 pieces - Making small game on ready technology. 8000 pieces - Making small game with technology. 12500 pieces - Making game on ready technology. 25000 pieces - Making game with technology.  This don't sound so bad, so why developer don't make their job properly? People complain about some bugs, some features, about how simple it would be to just add this one feature. This is so frustrating for them because this is so simple (like assembling puzzles).