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W.U. 0x0B: game designer.

Wednesday came fast as always :] As I wrote I toke some break because everybody need some vacation so there is nothing interest to write about development progress. But I will try to recompense this with short text about about designing games. Of course everything in this text is my observation that came from my experience or talks with other people. So you may disagree with them.

W.U. 0x0A

In this week I taken some kind of break :] you know Christmas coming so I has walking in shops to buy presents. The only things that I achieved in project is some changes in matrix because I done some stupid things there earlier.  My free time I spend on finishing "Shadow Of Colossus" on PS3 and all parts of "The Blackwell" series on PC. I specially bought bundle in for it. When I saw the trailer for it I decided to bought bundle (I'm not interested in other games in it) but when I done it I only thought that "The Blackwell" could be good.  On the end it happened that I began playing around 10 PM and ending the game around 2-3 AM. And so on 4 days in row :] And I never had regreted that I spend so much time on them they are great :] I can say that from now on I'm big fun of it and waiting for 5th part :]  Returning to LBA project I think that I will take break in this week too :] and on end  Merry Chris

W.U. 0x09: few words about engine

This time I want to write my few thoughts about engine developing. I know that there 1000 of ways how to write engines and games. And I don't want to be like some master of programming because I know that I'm more like disciple or even worse :] As you read in earlier posts my engine develop in weird way, because it begun as 2D engine and evolve in small 3D engine with small amount of features. I know that this could sound somehow weird but it's a truth: right now I don't have anything exceptional in it only basics elements. And I'm proud of this.

W.U. 0x08

Like I wrote in last week I asked for permission to continue work on remake. I done it to don't have any problem with copyright, licensing and things like that in future when project will be in advanced state of production (almost finished one island that was planed). And here came this day when I get replay message from Fred Raynal and waiting was worth it because I got official permission so I can at last return to doing things in normal way. Till now I was focusing on prison map and I was waiting with other locations on this message and here I recived it so :] only thing thing that left is returning to work :] So to hear in next week :]