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Hobby or Work

Interesting topic for a post came recently to my mind when one of my friends commented on me taking a day off from work to relax as: "Anyway, you will wake up that day and work." This was, of course, comment on me developing LBA remake in my free time. What is interesting about it I'm not fully sure what to think about it. Because how what I doing in my free time is different than other people's hobbies? On another hand how it is different than what I do in a work? What is a hobby? All of this thinking brought me to this simple question on which I don't have really a definite answer. In the end, what is a hobby for one person can be a work for others. There is a lot of examples of that:  riding a bike, skateboarding, painting, drawing, writing stories, creating graphics, woodworking, restoration of items, fixing electronics, traveling, singing, dancing and even stuff like cosplay.  All of that and a lot more can be a hobby but at the same time, it c