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W.U. 0x13

This week wasn't better than the last :] of course I catch flu that take 3 days from life. Today I feel a lot better and I finished base navmesh implementation I begun earlier. Good news is that for some time I will focus mostly on game because engine have all basics elements that are right now needed.  So to next week :] Bellow screenshot from test map where I check navmesh.

W.U. 0x12

This week was pretty hard on me and I didn't do too much in project. I still work on movies but good thing is that I finished system to the usability of old version and right now I add mostly new features (and do some fix of bugs that show in meantime). I want to believe that this week will be better than last :]

W.U. 0x11

Right now I upgrade animation (movies) system in game so there is not too much to show again because most of test I do on small test maps. I think that I should have some base version of new animation in around week. Why I change it? Because it's not enough flexible, there is many limitation and problems. I want to eliminate them to make system more friendly. I think that this change will allow me to do a lot more than actual system. So till next week :]

Some screenshots.

Some screenshots from actual state of work (this time from editor) :] And this is only begin.