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Image I recently were introducing friends to constexpr and I'm super surprise how inconsistently it works between different compilers. I will need to look more into my code to assure that its do what I want. 

Clean design ...

I would love to say you a story how awesome my code designing skills are but with time I learned that I still have long way to go. Now we know what this story won't be about and focus on what we will be talking about: My recent issue and how I solved it. Introduction The story taking place in one of many days when I was doing something for project. I was working on content an once again stumble upon problem with editing multiple terrain groups. I knew about it and delayed it already few times but this time it finally blocked me from further progress. This meant only one thing: fixing day arrived.  "Cool" I thought and started checking what going wrong. Destiny wanted that in meantime of testing some irritating issue surfaced: I was not able to display in inspector properties of  World Terrain System.  I was trying to select it in hierarchy but only level properties were displayed.  And this will be topic of my story: How I approached fixing this "triv