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How the fate like to play with us (3rd generation of RTTI)

Life bring to us surprises everyday but today I was impressed how fate works. Whole story started few years ago when I decided to make my own RTTI system for White Rabbit Engine. Then I was still young and naive and thought like everybody at this age that I know how to write complicated systems. This experience teach me that I really can write complicate systems ... but not necessarily should. System was working fine but was over complicated and resulted in lot of stability issues. This realization lead to the series of improvement. I like to call it 2nd generation of RTTI system. Changes are covered by  on of my posts . This was already big step: system was simpler, easier and what most important more stable. This sentence could probably end this story if not the fact that I always felt that it is still not final form of this piece of code. This wasn't what I fully wanted. There was one particular feature that I struggled to add but failed to achieve: virtual members

Little -> Monster

Often when I do coding I asking myself how this small modification that I wanted to do converted into this monster that I working on ...  Good example is my recent decision to add regressions tests. I want to validating that I'm still able load some of the resources.  Spoiler alert : I spend already few hours and still don't have this tests.