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S2d return ...

Here come another info from progresses. I spend a little more time in this weeks on development. One of the reason is weather (it's really hot in Poland) second is that I played and finished new Tomb Raider. But don't worry everything is still going forward.  And I still do some fixes and changes in technology. A lot of them is could be put in box with label "re-factoring of s2d". S2d was original name of my engine (there still could be find some places in code where I have it in comments)and I try to do some cleanup in code that was write around that time. It's not nice job but must be done earlier or later. I prefer do it now because I will not have to think about later. Other thing is I returned to making some assets. Below you can find some early wip of new location. Right now it's mostly placeholders that I use to check size and feel of location. So that's all for this post till the next one.

Lost in code

Ok, this time two weeks breaks so a little longer than normal. But somehow I were lost in my work and forgot to write some post last week :] Yesterday I finished doing initial implementation of memory manager. Thanks to it engine have another powerful tool to help me in development. Why I moved for this two week on some more engine related stuff? Because good engine is not only rendering, input, audio like some people may think. Of course this is enough to do some small game but in case of bigger projects things start to be more complicated and because of that we need a lot more technical stuff that make our lives as developer easier. It's influence may not be so visible in game as new full screen effect like Motion Blur or Depth Of Field but they are still there. They help us tracing our bugs, making development easier and in the same quicker. Of course creating them take a lot of time so some people don't decide on creating them but in bigger perspective it's almos