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W.U. 0x10

This week there are no bigger visible changes :] I mostly work on technical things. So sorry but there is nothing interesting to show, that's why there were no screens. Good thing is that I will probably finish them in 2-3 days and then return to gameplay again :]  and then there should be plenty things to show :]

W.U. 0x0F

This time very short:  In weekend disk from my server died. I had there subversion repository and thanks God day earlier it worked weird so I done copy of data. To this day I didn't finished it's configuration so it's main problem in development right now.  And how goes project ? I think that progress is great :] bad news is that I don't plan any new movies in nearest time, I will try to focus on project. Good thing is that I will probably put here some random images from development :]  So to next week.

W.U. 0x0E

I will begin from that I'm not sure if I'm happy or proud with this week changes. I know funny :] but it's true reason is simple I started working on content of Citadela Island and so happen to be that I found a bug and some things that were irritating because they slow down my work. So of course with optimism I fixed bug and here everything begin, bug was in tool to export meshes from blender. So all assets went to reexport on which I spent one day. Happy that I almost finished I notice that sometimes some models were weird. So again I check code and found another bug :] and of course in the same tool. Everybody know what was next, of course next reexport. Right now I almost finished it and started fixing this irritating things in my workflow. I use this opportunity to do some refactoring in code so it will take some time. On end I will share with you my thought after this week: It's funny like some ideas that looked so great at begun after some time of using are

Dev diary: stupid bug/mistake

Today something else than weeks update :] right now I finished looking for some stupid bug or I should say my mistake. Maybe this will help somebody so for some brief about it: I create object on empty map and then after removing it I get crash. Callstack in visual studio 2010 showed me only one call with some address and without any description. Of course in main thread :] Sounds great :] after some debugging I found that crash always happened on function glDrawArrays which is use in engine to render dynamic geometry and never on rendering objects. It was great because I could focus on this one place on dynamic geometry. And in this moment again I realize how much I need to learn and practice. I focused on dynamic geometry and searched there error for 2-3 hours but of course mistake weren't exactly there. Problem were on Vertex Attributes which were in my code enabled but never disabled. Crash never happened on rendering normal objects because they VBO in this case always

W.U. 0x0D

This week post will be short because it's late and I'm tired. And so happen to be that tomorrow like in other days I need go to work :] So here we go, first part of the post: Second part: And on end I will add only that everything what you see in this post can change in future and probably will change because right now I try to get wip (work in progress) version of island that will have good scale and feel :] And that is all in this week update as I said it was short :]

W.U. 0x0C

This post is little late but yesterday after return from work I fell asleep and woke next day :] This week I worked pretty hard on terrain system too at last recover Citadela Island exteriors. But of course it happened that I spend pretty much time on changing basic system of my engine code. You probably think why? Right now I have nice material system that allow me to create materials in most cases without modifying source code. But of course I didn't predict writing it that I will want to create terrain edition. I know now it's look so simple but then I forgot to create: system that allow to tell from code which texture should be use in material. good support of exchanging consts between game and materials. When I at last finished this changes there weren't enough time to finish other. So I ended on basic height edition and painting of terrain. I will tell more about implementation when I finish most of it because right now I'm not satisfy with it's imp